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ALCS II: Phranchise v Texas, Colby v Bombers

Wadda game. Robi Cano, how do I love thee? Let me count the never mind. It’s another day and Phil Hughes phaces the Rangers while Nolan Ryan and Dubya wonder, “wha happen?”
Comment away.

NY Yankees
D. Jeter ss .400
C. Granderson cf .333
M. Teixeira 1b .000
A. Rodriguez 3b .200
R. Cano 2b .750
N. Swisher rf .000
J. Posada c .000
L. Berkman dh .000
B. Gardner lf .333
P. Hughes NA
E. Andrus ss .333
M. Young 3b .400
J. Hamilton cf .250
V. Guerrero dh .000
N. Cruz rf .333
I. Kinsler 2b .000
D. Murphy lf .000
B. Molina c .000
M. Moreland 1b 1.000
C. Lewis NA

86 replies on “ALCS II: Phranchise v Texas, Colby v Bombers”

tbs guy just got excited by a pop-up…glad to see they’re not showing their bias…this is ugly, but now that we’ve given them the 5 run handicap, we can shut ’em down and come back and win this thing…

Lance Berkman rips a shot off Moreland’s glove hand up the first base line but then immediately forgets that he’s really fucking slow. And old. And slow. Aanndd .. aallmmoosstt ..mmaakkeess ..iitt tteenn ffeett ppaasstt ffiirrsstt.. before getting tagged out. But he does plate Robi, who says, “ABOUT FUCKING TIME!”

Actually, now that I think about it, I want Remy to do color for this game.
Hard rip to Swisher by Vlad.. Hamilton had broke early and was doubled up off first easily to end the fourth.

had the same feeling krueg…strike zone is very funky again…honestly thought we’d get to this guy by now…we had some hard hit balls in the 2nd but nothing to show for it…now, here he is in the 5th, hanging around…sheesh

I’m not blaming it all of the strike zone…but it’s ridiculous. Some of these guys are all over the place and it hurts us a lot more than the free-swinging teams.

No way we have magic of historic proportions on back-to-back games…I’m out.
I have to get ready to watch the Sabres lose again tonight too.
Yippee Doo.

he may have set a record for giving up 2 strike hits…looks like we’re gonna get cc for game 4…does the “t” in tbs stand for texas?

yeah, i’m out in a bit too…gotta go watch the gators with some friends…not sure why, but whatever…yanks do better when i’m not watching anyway…

how funny would it be if the 2nd game today was 10-9 with both starters being knocked out in the first inning?…i know, i know, i have a better chance of santa bringing me that pony i keep asking for, but i still think it would be funny after all the hype…how stupid is the antler thing?…how stupid did sager look standing under the deer head?…where is peta?

That whole piece regarding the deer head was hilarious. I don’t have a problem with hunting, but seriously? Recovering addict kills deer, antler broken then repaired, team wistful.

i know i shouldn’t be making fun of the team that is currently spanking us, but they do something with a claw too…what does that mean again?…hankies, cowbells, drums, rally monkeys, wtf…at least there are no vuvezuelas, or whatever those stinkin’ things are…

cano’s been amazing…to think there was actually talk about trading him a couple of years ago…then again, the yanks came close to trading pettitte, and be still my heart, mo…yikes

I’m sorry, but ringing up Jorge Posada at this particular moment does not count as a “Big Out.”
It’s more like, “you do get paid to pitch Major League Baseball, don’t you?”

I think that Ernie really did just say in his booming baritone, “That’s the difference between having runners at first and third with one out and a runner at second with two if that ball gets by Kinsler.” … cut to commercial …

The Yanks got to get going one of these games, though forecast for next game not so good. It’s either that or the Yanks got to start pitching.. one or the other..

ARod takes a pitch on the inside corner, then a pitch away for a ball. The 1-1 fastball leaves ARod late and under the pitch.
1-2: chopped to third, 5-3 pushes the runners to second and third and brings up Robi.

“…Nolan Ryan looks as much a dork as anyone else who puts their sunglasses on top of their ballcap….”
thanks ag….i was wondering if it was just me that thought that look was dorky…i see guys doing that indoors, at night…i think they look like idiots, but they seem to think it’s cool…i guess you never know when the sun will suddenly pop out at night, indoors…

I am crap in the hat. Let’s go (clapclapclap) on an adventure… I can wear a ball cap sometimes, but it is such a dismal result. It hurts me to think that I made people look at me wearing a stupid baseball lid, or an expensive alternative, while they politely swallow their vomit. I’ve been quite effectively bald for a long time. The hat doesn’t make it better.

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