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ALDS: Tigers-Yanks Gamer V

For the marbles.  Comment away.

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It’s 3:20am and I can not pull another all-nighter. Gonna watch on (best invention ever for the traveling fan!) for another 20 or so and then crash. I’ll say a prayer for Ivan…

Anger. Depression. Exhaustion. I can’t watch any more – it’s to freaking late here.
These games where the offense is just anemic (there were SEVERAL meatballs down the pipe from Fister that they just watched go by) are so depressing. Oh well. I gotta sleep. Hope I wake up to a pleasant surprise, but am not expecting it at this rate. If they lose at least I will sleep through a Valverde vistory dance in Yankee stadium, which would make me blow my brains out. Good night.

What do you know, I pulled the all-nighter anyway. This should be a fun day. Grumpy, depressed, sleep-deprived is a winning combination. Yanks gave us a great year from start to finish. No one really thought they were going to go very far. We can focus on the (rancid) meat of the order this post-season or the predictably mediocre pitching, but try not to lose sight of how good we had it this year. See you in spring training!

“3 reasons we lost this series”
I give A-Rod a pass because he was clearly playing hurt. The real question is whether the team should have just DLed him and called it a season.
Tex and Swish are real reasons for concern. But the emphasis on Martin is going to get old fast next year. It’s going to be Girardi vs. Jorge all over again. The best hope is that Martin pulls a Fernandez in Spring Training. Even then though, Girardi doesn’t seem above a Mathis (Romine) over Napoli (Montero), most especially because he and Scioscia still think they were difference makers as players.
I feel good about where this organization is at. They still make dumb mistakes with contracts (A-Rod, Teixeira, LOOGYs) but overall they’re moving in the right direction. Unlike a certain other team ;)

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