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All Thumbs: Sox-Tigers Gamer II

The lede on the Red Sox Team report advised that “Over the past few days, Andrew Bailey has experienced a range of emotions.” Unfortunately, none of those emotions possess any sort of thumb-growing capabilities. Meanwhile, Boston will try to rebound from Valverde and Aceves’ blown save suck out on Thursday with Josh Beckett to face the Tigers, who send Doug Fister to the bump.

It’s a FOX game, so you can thumb your nose at the blacked-out teams on the early slate. Comment away.

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It’s not a blown save if you come in with the game tied, is it? Not that I wanna look this gift gamer in the mouth or anything. It’s not like you need to be the guy keeping up with the Sox side of things, gerb, heh.

It’s weird but I get all the Yankee games on Saturday that AREN’T on FOX…they are not blacked out on YES. But when I check other teams, they are blacked out.

The Cabrera home run hit behind the padding above the yellow line but spun back onto the field and rolled away through a gap under the fence. The ball looked like it might have hit the fence and the ump ruled it a ground rule double. The got it right after reviewing it.

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