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All-Purpose Gamer & Yogi Hunter

Sox and O's locked in yet another late-inning nail-biter (4-4 in the 8th) and Yanks have jumped out to an early 3-0 lead against the Angels in their bid to win a franchise-record 6th series in a row to open the season.

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And if you'd rather just scratch your head, consider the following quote from Torii Hunter after Pettitte's latest gem yesterday: "I've never seen Pettitte pitch this well…He looked like the Andy Pettitte of old".  That's what you get for mixing your cliches.

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Why does Terry Francona yank his offensive starters so early? Seems like it has been epidemic this season. Pulling Hermida for Bill Hall in the sixth? Why? He has pulled Hermida a number of times, same with Victor, and yet he leaves Papi sitting there to suck.
Befuddling. Maybe Tito’s got the same suckbug that the team has.

I’m overseas and feeling very sorry for myself since the one thing I wanted to do after a night of flying and a day of meetings was sit in this hotel room and listen to the Yanks but the i-net connection is not good and I keep losing the feed. Maybe I’ll just go to sleep angry…

Sox implode in the 10th. Yanks implode in the 4th. Vazquez gets pulled without finishing 4 innings. Yanks losing 5-3. Vazquez has been hugely unimpressive so far this season.

ARod with an alert play, but no chance to get DP. Two outs now, and Marte will intentionally walk… or not, Kendry Morales.
Free ball though.

Hunter steals third base, a 2-0 count. A better throw would’ve gotten them out of the inning, but not a great throw by Posada.

My only real complaint with Girardi so far is that he keeps putting Marcus Thames in the field. That line drive that pretty much drove Vazquez from the game was eminently catchable.
Don’t get me wrong, Thames can be a useful bench player, much like Eric Hinske was last year. But my god, don’t start him in the field.
Anyway, this is still a very good baseball team. They just had arguably their toughest stretch they’ll have all season, and they came out 12-6. If you told me they’d be 12-6 at the beginning of the season, I’d have taken that in a cocaine heartbeat. Hell, I’d have taken 9-9, considering the opponents and how the Yankees usually play in April.

Totally agree on Thames. I see no reason why he couldn’t have been the DH yesterday. If you want to rest Jorge, rest Jorge. If you really want to go righty-heavy versus Kazmir, bite the base and put in Winn.
It’s fine. These early games are exactly about learning your team. And Thames isn’t a fielder. Agree on 12-6 too given the teams and the schedule. They’ve knocked out 12 road games, including a West Coast trip, with a winning record. Hard to argue with that.
Conversely, the real problem for the Sox is they’ve played 13 home games to a 5-8 record. Considering they haven’t had a winning record on the road since 2007, and with their righty-pull lineup, they’ve got a steep uphill road to climb. To match last year’s 56 home wins, they’ll have to go 51-17 (.750) the rest of the way. The other problem is the Rays look like an excellent team – perhaps a champion with that pitching. And the Yanks took 2 of 3 on the road against them!
Hello Obama!

NO!!! :)
Although he did blow it Friday night…move Hughes to 4 and cut Vazquez. Make a trade or something. He has got to go.
Sloth isn’t far behind on krueg’s shit list either!

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