An entirely respectable showing for

An entirely respectable showing for YF-SF. I agree that the biggest surprise is the resilience of the Giants. Frankly, the performance of Arizona has been impressive given the status of Johnson and Schilling–and let’s give Schilling some due: 8-8, 2.75 is hardly shabby for an injury-plagued year on a team with no offense. But let’s get back to MVP: If you don’t think A-Rod is the MVP, exactly who is? Ichiro? Boone? Nomar? Manny? Delgado? A month ago, I was in the Delgado camp, but he’s faded. So has Giambi. Manny has fantastic numbers but his defense is iffy and he takes a big hit for his recent vacation. Nomar is dandy but A-Rod is better. Boone is not in A-Rod’s league. Varitek and Posada…production is production, and they just don’t stack up. Ichiro? He’s the only other choice as far as I’m concerned, and his team ain’t making the playoffs either.

Posted by YF on 9/17/2003 05:16:48 PM

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