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An Open Letter to Nomar:

An Open Letter to Nomar: Yes, Nomar, it’s been a rough couple of weeks. Sox fans are calling you “soft”–so cruel, so wrong. The M’s are closing. A-Rod will be the MVP. You’ve become more touretic at the plate than a Jonathan Lethem character on speed, and your average is dropping faster than Dubya’s approval rating. But rest assured that some of us die-hards out here still love you. Even us Yankee fans. For what is life without a nemesis? Joe D needed his Teddy Ballgame, and so we (and our beloved Derek) need you. There’s just one thing that we can’t take–and we understand how you might let things go with Mia away defending our nation’s world cup honor. That would-be goatee. It must go. Track 3. Sensor. Bic–your choice. YF recommends menthol Barbasol. But for the love of god, please shave. It may work for Trot and Bill and Jason, but you are what you are, and that is most assuredly not a Good Ol’ Boy. YF

Posted by YF on 9/21/2003 02:46:53 PM

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