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And Later… Halos-Yanks Gamer II

This would be a good place for fans that want to comment on the action of the Angels and Yanks.

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Heh, great comeback win. I was looking forward to kreug’s commentary, including calls for Cashman’s head early on, and then jubilation.

Westside walk it off
Eastside walk it off
Southside walk it off
Jorge walk it off
So, so clutch.

I was at the game. I’m sure there were plenty of empty seats because the weather wasn’t good – people were mostly standing when the rain was a little harder, like around when the Angels took the lead. But it stopped and it was beautiful.
In the 8th and 9th inning it was really really loud. I took a video, maybe I’ll upload it, but from this small sample space, I can’t tell you why everyone’s complaining about not hearing the crowd!

Also, the “access fee” for the lounge was a complete waste. I did not go there, worst 50$ I ever kind of spend. Times two. Though I guess it could’ve been worse.. I could’ve went in and bought something!
I probably should’ve at least went in to check out the place..

Also, at least my area, everybody was pretty optimistic about the outcome. After the 8th, people didn’t think we could lose, despite being down.
Tesh also made a base running mistake in the 9th that could’ve been costly, especially with the way the Yanks have been hitting with the bases loaded, no outs. But Posada came through!

That huge screen in the outfield is as insane as everybody say it is. Someone was playing a DS near me, and seriously the screen that is 500+ feet away looked bigger than a DS screen two seats over. Amazing.
We also joked that if they put YES on that thing, we won’t have to watch the game! Of course, we’ll have to figure out how to shut down the audio feed, haha..

Also, a running joke for the night was the “Ready for some sun?” (or so) advertisement for Mohegan Sun. Haha, of course!
I wonder also if they’ll change the slogan when it’s really really hot out in the middle of summer..

What a game to go to, huh Lar??? That must have been awesome…
I’m so bummed I don’t get to see the game today. Here’s to hoping CC pitches well!

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