And So We Meet Again For The First Time: O’s-Yanks Gamer I

Today is the Yankees’ home opener, and the last one for Derek Jeter. The first time I saw Derek Jeter play baseball was at Silver Stadium in Rochester in his call-up season with the Clippers. The Orioles were the Wings’ parent team. I might not remember his first at-bat that game exactly right, but I think he hit a single, stole second, and came home on a single from the next batter, and was on base for what seemed like less than a minute. I went to the game with my friend Jake, a fellow Yankee fan and we both had a “holy shit” moment in how it came down. It felt special, seeing that kid play baseball with the future Yanks against the future Orioles at that grand old ballpark that was Silver Stadium.

It’s now a couple decades later. This time, it’s at home in the Bronx against the O’s, none of whose players were on that team back at Silver (which is gone now), and that long affiliation between Rochester and Baltimore is gone now as well. The one player at that game so long ago at Silver still in the game is Number Two. I’m going to watch some baseball today.

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  • Good news? Victory.

    Bad news? DRob to the DL. Groin.

    Two important players already out. Not a great precedent.

    krueg April 7, 2014, 4:32 pm

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