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And So We Meet Again For The Last Time: Yanks-Sox Gamer

Lackey 'n C.C..  There can be only one.  Unless there are two, three, four… Heck.. even five.  Jeter's playing, ARod izznt.  We will see your Lowrie and raise you a Chavez.  Comment away.

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Lachey just mowed us down like the garbage team we are.
1-2-3. 8 pitches maybe?
Curtis got hit on the hand but the ump said it hit the bat. Not that it matters.
Now, how many runs will CC get tagged for in the 1st?
I set the over/under at 3.

Yep.. I do. Just in time to see C.C. get plunky with my MFRS.
Now a bad throw to first on what should have been a routine 363 DP for the Captain.. looks like the ball was grabby in his glove on the transfer.

Swish to 3rd. 1st and 3rd with 1 out???
How is this possible???

It is incredible how much better the Sox are than us. Really amazing. This is our only pitcher and the Sox are making him their bitch.

Walks the bases loaded…
He is pitching scared, per usual.
THis is where we blow the game.
Fuck you CC. Fuck you Tex.
If you can’t play against Boston, you are fucking worthless.
Funny how the Sox big guns don’t seem to have the same issues. That’s because they have testicles instead of vaginas.

Hmmm…..thought you were skipping this one k.
Better than it might have been so far for you guys……
Come to think of it, that could be said of us too, considering that it’s the Servile One here…one run in 2 innings against the Yankees? Not too bad.

The meat of an actual good lineup is coming up here…I’m thinking at LEAST 4 runs this inning. Maybe even knock CC’s fat stupid ass out this inning?

Or a k.
Same difference.
And since when did being in first spare you any agony?
It makes it WORSE…… have more to lose, farther to fall.
I gotta work on my technique, though.
I don’t even have great names for the Yanks, except for Camelface, Horseface and Thriller (and he isn’t even here tonight!)
And OUR Horseface walks Granderson, making way for a HorsefaceOff.

Yo Adrian >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Tex

Curtis was motoring…like Sister Christian.
Just delaying the inevitable though really.

I want to punch your teeth down your fucking throat Jorge. I hate your guts.

Crawford. Bomb.
1st and 2nd now…1 out for the best team in baseball.
Here is where a real team shows the pathetic Yankees how it’s done!!!

Called it.
Scutaro >>>>>>>>>>>> Jeter, Tex, Granderson, ARod, etc.
The game is slipping away. As if we ever had a chance.
CC is garbage. Go ahead and opt out and leave you fucking loser.

1 pitch.
Another popper to the infield.
Nice job Tex. I could do that. And for a fraction of the price.
I kinda hate you now. Seriously. I’m remembering ’09 where you had 1 hit as well. Are you really worth it? We could get Kotchman for a fraction of the price. I’m really debating whether or not I hate your guts or not.

If anyone other than Papi was on first…that was a run.
No matter. 2nd and 3rd with 1 out means tie game here and the inevitable Sox victory and sweep as expected.
I hate the Yankees.

“Interesting. I fear everyone on the Sox. Even the clubhouse boys. They are all better than Tex and Fat CC.”
Not………Darnell McDonald?
There must be some limit…..

And the commercial has a YF burning RS tickets in front of a SF on Skype to the tune of the last movement of Beethoven’s Ninth.
Crawfd makes a catch
And I’m in no mood to listen to cancer survivors.
I work on AD myself, and I hate everyone in that field already.
Servility gives up a single………102 pitches

Posada. I don’t even need to say anything. Weak out.
If AJ and Posada were taken out to pasture and shot in the head, we would be so much better off.

Got a paper with a REALLY FUCKING IMPORTANT FINDING in it, and I’m being screwed by dumbass reviewers in the pay of fucking imperialists at Penn and Harvard.
My paper says that about 2 billion have been wasted on Conventional Unwisdom in the past decade…….and worst of all, I never got a dime of that money.
Now CC is at 114 pitches-thats more impotrant, yah hear?

We just found that a protein that shows up in cerebrospinal fluid at the very earliest stage of AD……is there because brain cells secreted it -not because they died first and it leaked out, as everyone has ASSUMED for years……based on absolutely NOTHING. Might as well tell about it here, why not?
This is HUGE, and I’m being delayed by these fuckers until somebody else can publish it first.
And the last hope is gone, even at Fenway……..

OK CC…I’ve been hard on you tonight. But that is only because you have pitched like SHIT against the team we’ve been chasing all year and said hole is partially your fault. BUT, you pitched well tonight. You battled and as a fellow fat guy, I appreciate it.
Now it’s up to the pen. Unless our sorry offense can actually score some more runs.

I read what you wrote to Mrs. Krueg. She said that your finding sound encouraging and she feels your pain on reviewers. She feels your pain as she is trying to get published as well and is running into reviewer issues.
She wants to know if the secretion or accumulation of said fluid is genetic?

Lackey’s an IDIOT if thats why.
He’s got first and third, 0 outs for that.
FUCK YOU Lackey.
And Terry, what’s taking you so long to replace him?
Haven’t you ever seen Servility blow up before?

No idea.
It’s all late onset AD, and its specific for early AD, gone by late stages.
But it tells us MUCH about the biology……..and that most of what the Chosen Elite have thought for years is utter bullshit.

There’s a delay here.
My posts are like my pubs……when one registers, someone else has already posted.
5-2 is going to be insurmountable for these guys tonight.

Dusty flies out as Orsillo has a fake HR moment
Ecrase par ce PUTAIN de lanceur GONFLE
It looks ruder in French……………..
And now 2 on, and finally a PC.

I cannot understand how you are sweating this ‘bize…it’s a foregone conclusion. And even if by some miracle act of science, we actually do win this game? You guys are going to DESTROY us the next two games. With EASE.

No name for Gardner yet…..
Teix = Horseface
Jeter = Camelface
Arod = Thiller (its the white glove thing)
Mo = can’t do better than that Soshism= Fruitbat.
I’m tempted to call Cano Corn (can ‘o corn), but I haven’t decided yet.
Joba was Jelly (as in the Smuckers commercial), but he’s gone
It was different back in the days of guys like Sheffield

That is the ONLY way that piece of shit is going to get on base…bases loaded. 2 outs for Cervelli.
Francisco actually is good in these situations…
Get them back for nailing you dude. Have some balls.

Remember how Sheffield would wave the bat at the pitcher as if he was going to beat him to death?
No real street thugs like that on either team anymore

I would LOVE to do that…it would have to be on cable though. ;)
Will you take me to Fenway ‘bize??? If I go with a SF, I feel like it lessens the chance I will get in a brawl.

Sure……..I go only 3-4 times a year.
I’ll be there Friday.
But getting tickets close together is hard.
Never tried Stubhub though…..maybe it could be done that way.
The guy I usuallygo with professes to love the game and to be neutral viz YF and SF.
But he’s a YF – I can tell.
Papi gets a double off Mo.
But they’re not getting any 3 runs

Soooooo many chances to get back in this game. 16 LOB, 10 hits off CC alone,2-for-13 with runners in scoring position…I still hope they can win the next couple, but one would do fine.

I can’t imagine being OK as a SF losing a home series vs. NY when Beckett and Lackey are to face Hughes and Burnett. I’ll be thrilled and more than a little surprised if the Yankees win either of the next 2 games. Mainly I want Hughes to come through with some confidence to build upon. By his own admission he was discombobulated by Hideki Matsui’s 1st inning 12-pitch AB. Newsflash Phil: virtually every Sox batter (not to mention those on your own team) do the same thing…get used to it!

Heard this sound clip/comment this morning on WFAN. It’s Salty talking about Cervelli’s celebration last night “The game’s changing,” Saltalamacchia said. “A lot of Latin players, that’s how they play. It’s OK to an extent. But sometimes you’ve got to step back.”
Then he back peddles a bit once he realizes what he said could be taken the wrong way: “I basically wanted to clarify and say I wasn’t trying to say `Latin’ players or any of that stuff,” Saltalamacchia said. “I was just saying he was an emotional guy and a lot of the younger guys coming up were emotional players and they’re young guys coming up, wanting to make a name, and stick around. The game’s changed a little bit from when the older guys were coming up and veterans were a key in their development. So, basically, I was saying he’s a real emotional guy and I have no issues with him, doing what he does, because that’s the player he is.”
I am certain Salty wasn’t being malicious when he said “Latin players” but that just sounds/comes across terrible. He’s a young kid and he was trying to defend Cervelli to a certain extent and not come across as bitter or angry, so context matters…But he needs to be careful.
Great win. Terrible umpiring. Now we have 2 games where we need to hope our offense can score 2 TD’s just to keep us in the game.

That’s amazing. If Pedroia or Gardner did what Cervelli did, does anyone doubt that the sympathy would lie with them? But because Cervelli is a ‘Latin’ player, he must be an overemotional douchebag.
The only douchebag in this scenario was John Lackey. What a dummy. And Salty is coming real close too with his comments.

Compare what Cervelli did to any number of players and it simply is minor. Because ortiz is a beloved veteran he can pirouhette, stand and stare, etc. Manny could stand at home plate sticking both hands in the air. And it becomes his postershot. Whatever. Just happy that it led to an insurance run scrored by Cervelli and noone got hurt.

Oh. And that clip from Saltalamacchia is cringe-worthy. Any time you are about to make reference to an entire ethnic group in order to describe a behavior, you should stop, drop, and roll.
Wait. That’s when you smell smoke. Anyway, you get what I mean.

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