And Then Came The Storm

It is raining now, hard, and the sense that this Yankee season, this Yankee Dynasty, is soon to be washed away is almost tangible.

The Red Sox look unstoppable, at least in the AL. Somehow, the Bombers managed to hold them off for most of the game last night, but as the 9th inning began, a sense of impending doom seemed to permeate the humid air. Mariano, the great Mariano, has a spell of relative ineffectiveness every year, but now it’s hard to say whether this is just one of those spots, or he really has lost a notch. He can no longer just blow hitters away. He dances at the corners of the zone, afraid to lay out a fat pitch. When was the last time he sawed off a bat? He has become human.

The Sox, meanwhile, have the look of the Angels of ’02 at the plate. They hit through the lineup, for power and average. Manny and Ortiz (and for the Yanks, Damon) threaten destruction with every at bat. The starting pitching is superior. The bullpen is solid. The bench is stacked. The defense is vastly improved. Counting on curses and history to stop this team is foolish. Perhaps only the Cardinals have the power.

We write this depressing note on what should be a banner day: Barry has hit no. 700. Bravo.

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  • That had to be the fifth time this year I’ve seen one or the other of the Bernie-Lofton tandem look amateurish — if not downright horrible — in center. It’s become a glaring weakness. The Yanks MUST acquire somebody in the off-season for that position. You know, a real defensive standout…LIKE HOME RUN STEALING MANNY RAMIREZ! WOO-HOO! GO SOX!

    MJL (SF) September 18, 2004, 1:12 pm
  • In the words of the key player of another evil empire, YF: “I find your lack of faith disturbing….” Sure, last night was disappointing, and it was very un-Mo-like for him to go out there and walk Trot and then plunk Millar b/c he was overly concerned about what’s his name on second. But that was his first blown save since July, and actually he sawed off a bat with the last out of the inning. And, yeah, Lofton needs to be jettisoned far, far away, for all kinds of reasons. But um…14-4 today. And it wasn’t even that close. I’m not so sure how superior the Sox staff is as long as DLowe is smack dab in the middle of it. Plus, here comes Lieber with one of his best outings of the year. And we’re back to 3.5 up. We’ll see how it all shakes out over the next four v. the Sox (and the other remaining games v. other teams), but hanging your head now is just silly.

    Spidey September 18, 2004, 6:10 pm
  • Hey YF, what kind of fan are you? Wailing like a baby after one loss, you sound like a typical BoSox fan. Grow some cojones or stop calling yourself a Yankees fan. Yankees fans don’t fall apart after a losing streak, they don’t boo Derek Jeter and they sure as hell never fear the BoSox. Here’s why the series this past weekend and next weekend are important:
    It seems to me the AL East runner up is in a lot of trouble. If things stay as they are now, the BoSox will win the AL WC and have to play the Twins in Minny and face Santana twice. Definitely a lot tougher than hosting the A’s at home. That could mean an early exit from the playoffs.
    Get a grip YF,
    Joe in NJ
    P.S. I remember that back in 1978 when the roles were reversed, the Yankees trailing the BoSox went to Boston for a big series and swept them. Here was Boston’s chance to pay them back and well, you know what happened, same old BoSox.

    Joe (YF) September 22, 2004, 10:33 am
  • Mea culpa. Thanks for the admonition, Joe. Don’t know what we were thinking. It must have been the weather—or a flashback to the mid 80s, with Righetti blowing games nightly. Won’t happen again.
    But one note: one thing we’ve never done, and never will do, is boo Derek Jeter.

    YF September 22, 2004, 10:59 am

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