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And while we’re at it, here’s two cents (or maybe a nickel’s worth) from friend of YF-SF Will Hong: What it boils down to is that Petey didn’t have his best stuff and he knew it and the Yanks were starting to get to him and he let his emotions get the be tter of him. I mean, not quite as crazy and self-involved as Rocket throwing a bat shard at Piazza, but still enough to do real damage to his own team. Petey clearly threw at Garcia’s head. Not a lack of command there when the fastball is a dart BEHIND Karim’s head. This ain’t Rick Ankiel up there, it’s Pedro Martinez, and on his worst day, he’s not gonna have one get away from him that badly. Plus the circumstances (no out, open base, Karim already has a hit against him, righty Sori’who hasn’t sniffed a hit off of Pedro’waiting on deck). And if there’s any doubt as to what Pedro’s intention was, it’s made clear once Garcia is walking towards first when Petey and Posada start getting into it and Petey points at his head and says, “I’m gonna nail you, too.” I mean, the guy just lost it. Why the umps didn’t go over and say something extremely firm to him at that point is beyond me. But the point is, Pedro did a big disservice to his team, because it’s not like he’s pitching against Jamie Moyer up there (o r even Moose, who never ever retaliates); it was friggin’ Roger Clemens, who may be the only guy in the league who’s MORE crazy than Pedro in terms of serving up serious chin music. The Garcia slide into Walker aside (YF’s right in that had Walker gotte n hurt, it would have been on Pedro, and Walker himself said that though he was pissed, he would have done the same thing as Garcia did had he been in that situation’which also confirms that pretty much everyone knew that Pedro was headhunting), Pedro’s a ctions were an open invitation for Clemens to bean someone. Which is why I don’t blame Manny too much for his reaction to the high fastball that caught the plate. I guarantee that as Manny stepped into the batter’s box, he had a clear vision in his head o f a 96-mph heater careening off Piazza’s helmet and landing somewhere in the press boxes while Piazza falls to the dirt like the proverbial sack of potatoes. I’m sure he was scared shitless (which also explains, maybe, why he didn’t say boo to the press a fter the game). Who wouldn’t be? And who wouldn’t on some level resent Petey for putting him in that position? I think, actually, you can credit Rocket for showing some poise for once and not going out and drilling Manny or anyone else. As for Zim, well, who the hell knows what was up with that. No excuse whatsoever for him running out there and trying to land a left hook on Petey’s jaw. Even if he was once beaned and spent two weeks in a coma as a result and now has a steel plate in his head that can’t be particularly comfortable and which probably picks up short-wave radio broadcasts at inopportune times and stuff (maybe aliens told Zimmer to charge Pedro?). On the other hand, why Pedro has to grab a 72-year-old guy by the head, with both hands, and throw him face first into the turf is questionable. The whole thing was nuts. And right after Zim hit the ground rolling, the melee pretty much stopped cold, like some serious line had been crossed, with even the Sox players looking at Pedro like they couldn’t believe what just happened. But credit Pedro for coming out after the game and talking to the press and saying that he never meant to hurt Zim and that he was as confused by it as anyone. And as for the stuff in the bullpen, I just chalk that up to another episode of “When Tants Attack Each Other Like Idiots.” In this case, I’m sure the groundskeeper guy was a massive tant (even Al Leiter said during the Cubs game last night that the Fenway bullpen is one of the few “dangerous bullpens” in the league, and that he could pretty much guarantee that the guy did more than just fist pump once or twice), and we all know that Weaver and Nellie are professional hayseed tants. Who knows who landed the first punch, but it doesn’t really matter. It was flat-out stupid for Nellie and Garcia to get involved, but the guy shouldn’t have been close enough to get in their faces to begin with. YF is right, too, that Grady’s war upgrade comment was disappointing. I know how emotional a game it was, but you don’t want the antics to continue to get more out of control. I think tonight’s game will be settled down some. I could be wrong, but I’m guessing both teams just want this to get back to being about baseball. [Amen to that last thought–YF]

Posted by YF on 10/12/2003 03:03:21 PM

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