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Andy And Andy: Rays-Yanks Gamer VIII

Sonnanstine Vs. Pettitte. Let’s finish with these moes and get back to work on trying to win one against the Sox.

Tampa Bay
B.J. Upton cf .221
C. Crawford lf .323
E. Longoria 3b .320
C. Pena 1b .223
B. Zobrist ss .296
W. Aybar 2b .250
J. Dillon dh .444
G. Kapler rf .169
M. Hernandez c .286
A. Sonnanstine 7.07
NY Yankees
D. Jeter ss .307
J. Damon lf .300
M. Teixeira 1b .286
A. Rodriguez 3b .255
R. Cano 2b .300
J. Posada c .306
H. Matsui dh .249
N. Swisher rf .250
M. Cabrera cf .303
A. Pettitte 4.33

103 replies on “Andy And Andy: Rays-Yanks Gamer VIII”

Is it just me or does ESPN hate the Yankees? I know Kruk does and Gammons is a HUGE Sox homer but christ…
They had a segment about the AL East and they didn’t even discuss the Yankees. Sox are the best, Rays are going to come back and Halladay is awesome. That was it. Wow. I guess I dig the underdog status though. They talked about how the Sox and Rays have all these injuries, yeah, as if we don’t. Oh well, f-ck them.
Now, to the game…
Pettitte sucks. Let’s be honest. If he gets through 5 I will be amazed. Not to mention our only two bullpen arms worth a sh-t, Mo and Ace are coming off innings yesterday, are going to be on short leases…we are FINISHED!!! NO CHANCE OF WINNING THIS GAME!!!

Phew, thank goodness for Jeter’s newfound defensive prowess…this may be his best defensive year of his career so far!

That’s a close miss, and he had a few of those these few days.. or maybe it’s just me noticing them.

Actually, Text Message kind of grew on me, even though it really is poor play on his name.. but as something to scream it’s not too bad. Haha..
Of course, it’s better than “You’re on the Mark!” which is just awful..

I’m kind of a commentator snob…since my hockey team has the greatest announcer in the history of the planet…Rick Jeanneret

In all seriousness…Matsui is awful. He needs to be sat down…like now. Put gardner and melky in the outfield and let swish DH. The guys is a black hole, not as bad as Papi, but pretty close…now back to regularly scheduled programming:

Looks like Swisher is back! He runs very, very hot and very, very cold, but I like it.

Hate to say it, but you’re dead on regarding Matsui. I love the guy, but he looks like he needs a walker to get up to the plate. His swing looks like c**p.

Swisher has to be one of the best moves of the offseason. Give up nothing, get a guy who’s OPSing over .900, signed cheaply for 2 more years after this one with a somewhat expensive team option for an extra year after that.


leadoff walk…meltdown in process.
I don’t watch other teams…do they suck as much as us??? I mean, we can’t beat the Sox or Rays so we are the third best team in the East obviously but…

Robertson warming…great.
another hit, 1st and 2nd with 1 out. Not going to make it through 5 like I called in the first post because PETTITTE SUCKS!!!

Wow, Hughes reaching 95..
The Yanks are actually not hitting too well, but does get the timely HRs..

Yanks out of the inning, nothing but a small Swisher infield single.
I wonder if Hughes is coming back out. I’m guessing yes – he looked great the last inning.. hitting 94 and 95’s..

4 pitch walk…christ. our bullpen is AWFUL!!!! how often have walks come around to score on our sh-tty relievers. YOU SUCK COKE!!!!

Mo kind of left that pitch up there, but Brignac didn’t do much with it, and flies out to Gardner. Two outs.

Yankees now 21-0 when holding their opponent to 3 runs or less. If their bullpen ever gets in order…and that’s the easiest part of a baseball team to fix.

Wow, krueg. You in-game emotions are the equivalent of Nick Swisher’s ups & downs. You may need some valium for the series up at Fenway.

I think their bullpen will be a lot easier to be in order if their starters keep giving them 6-7 innings instead of the 4-5 (or less with Wang) as earlier in the season..

He did, I actually listen to the post game show to catch all this stuff. I think he also added “Sweet like candy”, but that might be for someone else.

If you are new to the gamer’s Rob, it’s called negative reinforcement, kinda like the Force. I don’t really feel that way…most of the time! ;)

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