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Andy Pettitte’s Leverage Says “Hi”

Phil Hughes shut down. Again.

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Trust me, having Ivan Nova, Freddy Garcia and Bartolo Colon in the rotation is all the leverage Andy Pettitte would need.
But he’s not coming back. Let’s just accept it.

Pettitte is done. Let’s turn the page.
As for Hughes, let’s get this solved before rushing him back with no answers. As much as Colon and Garcia make me ill (not their performance, just that they are Yankees and in the rotation) I’d rather a full season of them as opposed to rushing Hughes back and hurting his long term.

agree john…pettitte is gonna spend the summer testifying at his buddy’s trial…i think he knew that and decided one more season wasn’t worth the bs…we all pretty much agreed to that the last time the topic came up…
and i hate to be a pessimist about hughes, but the yankees better come up with a plan quick to prepare for life without him…which is worse?: having colon, garcia, and nova, or not having lee, pettitte, and hughes…ugh…oh well, that’s the hand we were dealt…i still don’t know why we don’t at least give one of the 3 b’s a shot…obviously, babying young arms isn’t the answer either…

If I am reading BR correctly, did Hughes go from 87.2 innings pitched in 2009 to 183 innings pitched in 2010 (including playoffs)? Isn’t this just about everything that is not supposed to be done to 23 year old arms, to increase innings like this? Weren’t the “Joba Rules” instituted to protect Chamberlain from dead arm/structural issues?
Or is that just urban baseball mythology?

Yeah that’s correct and Girardi spoke on that yesterday. He mentioned Brett Cecil going through the same thing. I don’t know if that’s the reason he’s experiencing arm issues, but that surely couldn’t have helped. At least Girardi acknowledged it. I thought that was big of him.

those are the right innings numbers sf, and wow, i didn’t realize he had such a jump…so maybe they didn’t baby him so much, last season anyway, although i do remember some discussion of an innings limit…frankly, i find the yankees’ explanation of what’s up with him vague, evasive and disturbing…supposedly he’s prematurely experiencing the “normal” soreness a pitcher has after throwing 100 or so pitches…he’s not throwing nearly that many pitches before getting that sensation…but he’s not injured…uh huh…cash might be concerned about screwing any hallucinated leverage he thinks he may have with potential trade partners in his bid to find another starter or 2 or 3…i recently proposed a solution that would solve both our team’s problems: lester for montero and romine…i’m a genius

lester for montero and romine
Ah, yes, because the Sox aren’t experiencing the “catching prospects panning out is an uncertain business” scenario right now, and will be at the front of the line to pick up more catching prospects!

i tried ;)
on a serious note though…i remember hearing, and we probably even discussed it here that other than martin there wasn’t much available catching-wise, and that probably hasn’t changed…those teams that have an able mlb catcher or 2 are going to hold on tight…paul probably has a handle on that if he’s out there today…the sox may be in the same position as the yanks later in the season: needing to make a trade to fill a hole…who would likely trading partners be for the sox?…

It seems to me the sox are pretty stacked and that, while a front-line catcher (as opposed to a back-up strong defensive catcher with mediocre bat) is a gap for them, it is also exactly the kind of thing that does not tend to open up mid-season, as you say dc. I think if the Sox get consistently strong defense from Salty they will be just fine with him, even if his bat keeps him firmly at the very bottom of their line-up.

I think the Sox don’t even need consistently strong defense, just consistently average defense. And average, or even just slightly below average offense. The issue has been that everything from both catchers was far below average. Average everything would be a godsend.

I am not Paul, but…
The Pirates seem to be the best fit (at Catcher) for the Sox. Now they’d have to get the Yankees permission of course as it seems the Yankees and Pirates have some sort of exclusivity deal, but that should be simple to get ;)
Chris Snyder and Ryan Doumit are guys they could certainly move. They have a catcher in the minors that they think highly of, as do most scouts. (Tony Sanchez)
Pudge Rodriguez is another option as the Nationals are also stacked at C. Dionner Navarro is one more.
Maybe AJ Pierzynski as they have Tyler Flowers waiting in the wings?
I think that’s probably the extent of catchers that would be moved at the deadline.

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