Andy’s Last Chance?

A number of articles have been written about the dimming chances of an Andy Pettitte return now that the Yanks landed another high-priced free agent. The ubiquitous anonymous sources are doing a fine job of pissing leaking the Yanks' supposed real thinking about the Pettitte negotiations to beat reporters. Anthony McCarron's latest article has one such leaker saying that the chances are 55-45 against the big lefty's return. Interestingly, this same article mentions that the Yanks' 1-year, $10 million offer is still on the table.

It seems to me the Yanks are on a deadline and want to get this Pettitte business done soon so that the front office knows it's payroll situation for the remainder of the off-season. If he re-signs, then I think the Yanks are going to aggressively try to move an outfield contract. If not, perhaps they hold onto all of them and deal with the mess on the field. I think it's a nice mess to have in the first place.

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  • “Hughes, Kennedy to Scranton?”

    ironpigpen December 28, 2008, 12:27 pm

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