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Angels’ Rookie Killed in Car Accident

Terrible news from California, as Nick Adenhart apparently died as the result of a car accident last night.

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Wow. What a horrible thing to have happen to anyone. Hopefully his family was able to see his shining moment last night.

Just saw this news on ESPN at lunch. Horrible thing to happen. He’s only 22, younger than I am.

it’s been a weird couple of days out here in los angeles. an angeles fan was killed leaving the stadium opening day nite when he was attacked by two A’s fans, and now this.
i had drafted nick in our YFSF fantasy league as the hype around him had been pretty big all spring. watching him last nite had me giddy with the prospect that i had drafted a sleeper and he would actually pan out.
as a franchise, the angels have had some horrible luck. especially with regards to auto accidents.

Rod, they compared him to Brad Radke type guy. Is that a good comparison? I have heard a lot about him, but never seen him pitch.
Absolute shame.

Awful tragedy, right at the start of his career and adult life. Best to his family and loved ones.

the hit and run driver has been found and charged with manslaughter. tonites angels vs. a’s game has been postponed.
john- the radke comp is pretty fair. he was a pitch to contact type of guy. low 90’s fastball, better than average curve and change. after TJ surgery at 18 years old, some had given up on the kid. last season in the minors he started working on locating pitches and hone his craft.

Tangentially, it was bizarre to see Scott Boras choke up at the press conference today. You become used to a certain public image, and it’s unsettling to see that stripped away.

Here’s an article calling for people to write to their California representatives to try to get the drunk driver charged with murder. Most states require mens rea, but apparently California has a different burden of proof.
I’m not sure I agree with him being charged with murder, but manslaughter is good enough. Also worth noting is that the hit-and-run driver had been arrested for DUI before. Hope he gets the maximum punishment.

That article is vile. I have no use for postmortem outrage. No one deserves to die, no matter how terrible a mistake they make or how many times they repeat the mistake.
I don’t want to know what was going through Andrew Gallo’s mind. I don’t want to know why the wrong men died.
It’s hard to say someone deserved to die, but if anyone did, it was Gallo. Ostracize me, I don’t care. Come on, you know you want to. You know you want to call me sick; you want to stop reading this right now and vomit. You know you want to.

Ok, you’re sick, or at the very least writing without a filter, which you obviously, desperately need. I not only wanted to stop reading, I did stop reading because I’m not interested in the lynch-mob justice this kind of idiotic tripe encourages and propogates.
Apparently police and prosecutors will meet today to determine what charges should be filed. Murder would certainly be appropiate, and I bet they’ll file the charge, if nothing else because it’s politically wise to do so. My bet is the murder charge will be dropped in return for a guilty plea to the hit-and-run and vehicular manslaughter charges, well after the outrage has cooled and the story is off the front pages. The guy will spend a lot of time in jail while the state doesn’t have to pay the big bucks for a high-profile murder trial.
At any rate, none of it, including hyperbolic moralizing and wishing death upon other people, will bring Adenhart back, unfortunately.

I like to think the government would not be enthusiastic about employing “murder” as a charge when dealing with actions that have apparent disregard for the lives of the innocent.
Editing this comment: no, i don’t like that thought either.

There is only one way to stop fatal drunken driving crashes, and that’s to keep drunks from getting behind the wheel of a car.
You can take away licenses, you can make the laws stricter you can make the penalties harsher. But someone who is in denial and refuses to admit he or she has a drinking problem and has driven drunk before will always believe he or she can competently drive a car while intoxicated.
There are crazy people in the country who believe they have a right to driver and a right to drive drunk if they so choose. Some are habitual drunks and some are anarchists.
And one of the worst parts of it is that DUI defense is a racket. A lot of lawyers get rich getting their drunk clients off on technicalities.

In Illinois, if you are drunk and driving and someone dies as a result of it, you can be charged with what we call Aggravated DUI, which carries a sentence of up to 14 years in prison, more if there are multiple deaths. This law took effect in 2006, I believe.
Also effective in 2006, the penalties became stiffer for habitual DUI offenders, to the point that a person convicted of a sixth DUI offense – and none of these have to involve death or injury, just simple DUI stops – faced a sentence of 20 to 60 years in prison.
Slowly, the number of DUI fatalities are going down.

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