Another Day, Another Non-Update

You know where to find all the relevant links by now, so here's what we've been told about the Mark Teixeira situation:

  • The Sox went to Texas and offered an eight-year deal, for either $165-170 million, or $180-185 million. 
  • Boras asked for $15-20 million more than that. 
  • Reading between the lines of John Henry's email missive, Boras probably said he had an offer (multiple offers?) for $185 million or $200 million, and the Sox, believing they were possibly going to wrap up negotiations that night, walked away.
  • Most other executives in the industry, and most reporters covering the negotiations, believe the Sox still have the highest offer and are still the favorites to land Teixeira.  

It's Christmas-shopping Saturday, so I'll be away. Here's your Saturday space for discussion, comment and news regarding everybody's favorite winter pastime.

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