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Another way to say “small sample size”

David Ortiz sounds off:

"Two [expletive] games already and you mother [expletives] are going crazy. What's up with that, man. [Expletive]. There's 160 games left. Ain't that [an expletive]."

h/t Baseball Think Factory

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El National : you hit the nail on the head right there. During the game, the first move I thought Tito would have made after the lefty came out was to go to Lowell.
People are overreacting for good reason on this one. I have zero tolerance for another “slow start” from Ortiz this year. He needs to screw his head on straight, and at least make some contact, or watch how Lowell does it from the bench. He needs to stop trying to pull every freaking pitch, and hit with the pitch – he’s watching that outside strike go by him everytime when he could start slapping them into LF.
If Tito does this crap for the next two weeks, his loyalty runs much deeper than I would have ever thought.

And, as far as the conversation from last night between our esteemed YF posters, the FX is EASILY the best network on TV right now.
Between Justified, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Sons of Anarchy, Rescue Me, and Archer, I have no reason to search for good TIVO material ever.
Justified is a GREAT show – not on the level of Sons or ITSIP yet, but great so far.

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