Another player flying totally under

Another player flying totally under the MVP radar: Carlos Beltran. Great fielder (10 assists this year), is going to hit 25 homers, drive in a hundred runs, hit .300, steal 40 bases, OPS of .895, on a team that is totally overachieving. Joe Morgan today puts Posucka in the MVP mix, but that’s simply Morgan trying to stir up controversy, and it shouldn’t be taken seriously. Posada’s solid at the plate, a total plus, but mediocre behind the plate at best (I actually think he’s awful), and how hard is it to handle that staff? So, sleepers are Lee and Beltran, and I give the edge in that battle to Beltran. I can’t believe he’s not getting any mention, particularly since he’s a linchpin on a mediocre, contending team. Add in that Sweeney, their best player, missed a ton of time and CB seems like he should be a top 3 MVP candidate. My two-weeks-to-go picks of who SHOULD win, the parentheticals are who I think WILL win: (I also think we should make another set of picks at season’s end, since so many races are undecided, the last two weeks might lock up an award for someone not on the list) AL MVP: Beltran (A-Rod) Cy Young: Pedro (Halladay) Rookie: Angel Berroa (Matsui) NL MVP: Bonds (Bonds). So hard to not write down Pujols, as the Cardinals aren’t such a great team and he’s such a stud, but I have to go with BB. Cy: Mark Prior (Jason Schmidt) Rookie: Scott Podsednik

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