Apropos of Nothing

There goes three of the craziest days of (quite possibly
non-consequential) baseball I’ve seen.  49 runs in four games spread
over three days for the Yanks (a strong tally in twice as many games),
26 in that same stretch for the SFish.  Do blowouts in three of
the four games make good baseball?  No, not really.  Not in any sense,
actually.  Scores that seem akin to beer-league softball make it
difficult to take the game seriously and one has to accept that
somewhere a complete breakdown of the of the game is taking place, and
to revel in the excess seems gauche.  To borrow from noted contributor,
"act like you’ve been there before."  That said, it sure was fun at
times to watch, or at least it was after Friday night.

Shelley Duncan made a highly auspicious debut for the Yankees.  I
was impressed with the way he stood in against tight fast pitches (who
did not think he would be decked after he knocked his second dinger, or
for sure after his third), even more than the established fact that he
can take the ball for a ride now and then, and after all, it was Tampa
Bay.  However, it didn’t stop the gerbil from making an obvious,
trivial comparison that Duncan happens to have hit more home runs than
Damon as a DH.  That did as much to promote decent conversation as
bringing up a tidbit such as the fact that in ’90 Kevin Maas reached 15
dingers faster than any Yankee in history, and you remember how that
turned out, don’t you?  So I’m sorry about bringing that up.  The fact
is that Duncan made the bigs and made the best of that he could ever have expected out of the situation, which can not be a bad thing (though the CCs have to stop sometime), and it may make for interesting
decisions for Torre & Co., and discussion about those choices now
that Giambi is taking cuts.
Anyway, here is a ridiculous, meaningless, and fun
(at least for me) look at the OPS of the Yankee bats in the series
against the DRays:

Jeter: .666 (devilish slacker)
Cairo: .733
Phillips: .977
Posada: 1.038
Duncan: 1.083
Abreu: 1.091
Damon: 1.098
Matsui: 1.242
Cano: 1.521
Rodriguez: 1.770
Nieves: 1.800 (monster slugger)

I’m glad that Wil left on a high note.

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  • When Phil Nieves has the highest OPS you know somethings going on. The real judgment will be in how well the Sox do against the Rays.

    SF Kevin July 23, 2007, 3:43 pm
  • Is Phil Nieves a hybrid of Phil Hughes and Wil Nieves? Probably has some arm, but still hits for sh*t.

    John - YF (Trisk) July 23, 2007, 3:51 pm
  • Argh my bad I meant Wil, just replaced the W with the Ph.

    SF Kevin July 23, 2007, 4:30 pm

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