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Brian Costello writes in the Post that Phil Hughes, Joba Chamberlain and Boone Logan were signed, avoiding arbitration.

Hughes was signed for $2.7 million..
Chamberlain (was signed for) $1.4 million deal..
The Yankees gave Logan $1.2 million..

One-year deals each

So that’s a wrap. Unfortunately, the Yankees could not agree to terms with Pettitte Regis, who can not possibly be 79 years old, can he?

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I think both Phil Hughes and Clay Buchholz get locked up long term at some point this year.
Good numbers for Phil…it’s weird that they see Logan and Joba at equal worth. That kid’s stock has fallen hard.

And of course the Sox reach deals with their two arb-eligible players, Papelbon ($12 million) and Ellsbury ($2.4 million).
Arbitration is a weird process, and it’s not based strictly on previous year’s performance, which explains how a player like Papelbon can get a raise from $9.35 million despite being worth less than half a win above a replacement-level pitcher, according to Baseball-Reference, and how Ellsbury can get a nearly 400 percent raise despite appearing in all of 28 games the year before.

I think the offers are just to keep them happy this year, Paul. As mentioned, I think the Sox are probably going to offer guys like Buchh and Ellsbury long term deals (Ellsbury def saying no) with performances this year. Like Ped, Youk, and Lester, who all took nice little discounts for immediate security, the Sox are going to be in this kind of business to offset the other contracts they give up.

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