Are You Not Entertained?

King Felix tore up the league this year in spite of the fact that he had no run support from what can only be described as the worst offense in the history of the universe.  Okay, maybe not the WHOLE universe.  Let's just say Felix was awesome; too bad the Mariners couldn't do more with that stellar performance.  Congratulations to Felix Hernandez, Cy Young winner.

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From Mark Feinsand on twitter @bloggingbombers:

George King (NY Post), Bob Elliott (Toronto Sun) and Sheldon Ocker (Akron Beacon Journal) were the three first-place votes for Sabathia.

Okay, but why?

“Okay, but why?”
I can’t read their minds, but Halladay’s comments after winning the Cy Young yesterday and being asked about the Al Cy race were indicative of what some may be thinking: After giving Felix due props, Halladay said, “Ultimately, you look at how guys are able to win games. Sometimes, you find a way to win games.”
Now as I commented above, I think Felix deserves it. But it is interesting to hear that kind of comment from a guy who toiled for most of his career for a team that was perenially third best in its division and would ostensibly have as much reason as anyone to advocate for the devaluing of wins in the consideration for this award. Regardless, way to go Felix.

As an aside, I hate the timing of these award announcements. I don’t really get why they need to be done so long after the season’s over and trickled out the way they are. I assume it’s because MLB wants to string out the attention to the sport, give each winner his due, etc. but I think it leads to a sort of “blah” reaction. Like we’ve all aready moved on and these awards are just a formality injected into the football season – “oh, I forgot that someone is supposed to get the MVP award…oh, that guy won it…..ok……..I think I remember that he had a pretty good year….”.
I think it would be better in generating hype, due recognition, and discussion if an awards night were held with the leading contenders in each category invited, the baseball writers, a select number of long-time season ticket holders from every ballpark, and highlights of what each contender accomplished the previous season played before the winners in each category were announced. Hold it in Cooperstown. Do it within 2 weeks of the season ending.
No I can’t believe I’m advocating for yet another awards night in our awards-filled-lives, but these awards are being given out already, just in a crummy drip-drip-drip fashion. Do it right. Maybe include the Gold Gloves and Silver Sluggers but no speeches allowed except for the top 6 awards: Managers of the Year, Cy Youngs, MVPs.

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