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The promoters needn’t set aside any cocktail weenies for Barry Halper, a minority owner of the Yankees who has donated a trove of memorabilia to the baseball Hall of Fame. "I’ve spent for some crazy stuff," says Halper, who once owned Ty Cobb’s dentures. "But an A-Rod ‘experience’? How about he hits a few balls through the infield in the postseason? That’s the kind of A-Rod experience I’d like."

This, supposedly from Sports Illustrated, via SoSH, documents an event where fans can pay $8-10K to sit down for a chat with A-Rod or Barry Bonds, begging the question, what do people have to pay for other kinds of "experiences":

  • $14.95 a month to Typepad for a chance to co-run a silly baseball blog.
  • $85.00 (on average) for a chance to sit in Fenway Park at quickly rising fan-unfriendly prices.
  • $1K for a chance to toss Nelson de la Rosa.
  • $6K for a chance to toss Don Zimmer.
  • $50K for a chance to have Manny Ramirez on your team (oops, that was last year)
  • $13M+ for a chance to see if Pedro punches in.
  • $15M for a chance to see what Kevin Brown punches next.
  • $130M+ for a chance at repeating.
  • $200M+ for a chance to redeem an historic choke.

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