A-Riddle of a Decision

With A-Rod coming down with the flu, and the Yanks coming in to play one of the worst teams in the majors, it seemed like an opportune time for A-Rod to begin his 4-game suspension. Instead the Yanks didn’t make this decision until after the second game versus Seattle. Now A-Rod will miss two games against the Twins instead of just one. It won’t make a big difference relative to the Yanks lead in the East, but one would like to get A-Rod many looks at pitchers he may face in the playoffs. This was a questionable decision by the Yanks and hopefully they don’t have their heads where the sun doesn’t shine because of their big lead.

Despite today’s meltdown by the bullpen, the Yanks road trip is going fine, and the starting pitching still appears to be getting stronger. We’re eagerly awaiting Moose’s return, and the hopeful (fingers crossed) additions of Karsay and Giambi.

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  • So much for standing on principle. I thought A-Rod was the victim in this whole thing. Why would he knuckle under and give up the good fight? Talk about gutless. He won’t even stand up for himself, and the principle of self-defense. So much for victim’s rights.

    SF August 16, 2004, 9:37 am

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