As much as I used

As much as I used to hate Chuck Knoblauch and his stupid two-flapped helmet, I concur. I love the guys who execute the fundamentals, who take the extra base, who know when to let a foul ball drop because it’s an easy tag-up. So I say praise the little guy, but even more let’s praise the smart ballplayer. I thought, at first, that your first line referred to a certain Little named Grady, who apparently will be getting the axe in about 2 hours. Rumors have Jerry Remy as a possible replacement. He’s a fantastic color analyst, one of the best and most candid tv announcers as well as a former Sox player who knows the pressure of Beantown and the media, so it seems like an inspired choice, though I have to say it would come with some obvious and quite serious risk attached (see the “job experience” section of the resume). p.s. don’t bash Becks. Though I hate Manchester United (the Yankees/GOP of the Premiership) and have distaste for Real (the Yankees/GOP of La Liga), Beckham is an anomaly, a truly gifted athlete who, though he can’t hit a baseball, can do things with a football that few on Earth can. He’s a beautiful player to watch, hard-working, creative, and intelligent on the field.

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