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Sixty -v- Seventy Three

Judge stays on pace, hitting another homer off a three-one pitch left in the middle of the plate. What would one expect?

He was 1-4 in the match against Pittsburgh, so his average dipped slightly, but his slugging and total bases are better for the effort.

Today is the last day of summer before the boys of summer.. go on vacation? An interesting aspect is that Ruth hit 60 in 154 possible games. Judge did it in 147. Is that deserving of an asterisk, or an exclamation point? There are a couple other whales in the room, and the curious thing is that the first letter of their first name and first letter of their last name are the same in each case. Alliteration helps people remember what they read.

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Don’t Leave It Hanging

Aaron Judge homered number 58 and 59 on the season in a slug-fest with an obviously anguished Brewers staff in Milwaukee. An errant slider and a fastball, left in the zone, left the park and Judge had two other hits as well. As we near the end of summer, it is difficult if not impossible to ignore the magnitude of what Judge has done this season.

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Twenty One

I really enjoyed watching the way Paul O’Neill played as a Yankee. In his nine seasons, he lead the league in grounding into double plays twice, so at least he was trying to make contact, and he had a great batting average in a strike year. I suppose that I’m cynical about why this is happening.

Retiring 21 from the Yankees numbers (of which that is the 23rd number) isn’t egregious in any sense. He was always engaging as a player and an announcer, and was tenacious on the field and at the plate. But it makes me wonder if O’Neill gets his bronze in monument park, what about Chris Chambliss, or Willie Randolph? And don’t get me started on Mel Stottlemyre.

Not that it matters. Number 21 is number 23 of 99 numbers retired. Maybe they can start using decimal places for future candidates.

Food and Drink

The Lasting Cultural Impact of the American Jewish Deli

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Horsing Around

Why does the baseball trade deadline continue to have an urgency that makes one think that someone somewhere wants a thing to happen, because if it doesn’t well, that would be horrible! No one got traded! Why do I exist if I didn’t make a trade!

Maybe they should just go join Four-H.

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End of July

A lot of people die every day. I didn’t know exactly what a lot was, so I looked it up and wasn’t satisfied. But if you trust the net, at least somewhere between 36,ooo and 37,000 people die every day.

So why do I write about the “End of July” as if it was more important than another day, if so many perish? Sometimes, there are people that transcend, even if for a moment, that can inspire as we make our way through this murky progression of trying to understand why we keep our heads on straight while spinning around a yellow sun that spins around a galaxy that the most enormous brain can only begin to comprehend.

The two people I want to write a requiem for each are far past needing introduction. However, they deserve recognition for making a place that didn’t exist prior to their effort.

Nichelle Nichols is a personal hero for so many people. She was Lieutenant Ohura on Star Trek, The Original series, and played a role with class and consideration that you could be smart, more qualified than any man, and a translator. The (in)famous kiss between her and Kirk was something that just could not have happened without the force of will that was Gene Roddenberry. Thank goodness that they broke down that door.

Let’s talk about Bill Russell. He was arguably the greatest player in the NBA. Don’t try to break it down more than the championships, because that is how we measure the reason why we have teams. I love Kareem, The Doctor, Wilt, and MJ, and Kobe, and Magic, and Lebron, and KD, and Dame, and Petro, and AI, and Worthy, Stockton, Malone, and Nash, and Pistol, and I can go on forever because I love basketball.

We lost a wonderful actress today, who made the world a much more inviting place because as a young person I saw a black woman in a position of authority. She taught me I could look to her as a source of truth, by the fact that she spoke languages and helped me understand them. I do not think that people really understand how profound that role, as a translator was, to young people.

We lost a tree. Russell was kind, and considerate, and was a philosopher. He evaluated his worth in how he elevated the people he played with. And all I can say to that is that whenever a Yankees fan says “count the ringz”, you better check yourself.


All Signs Point To..

I contemplate the time and money and coordination that went into this example of what I can only imagine is money in a budget that must be spent. It’s like someone had a challenged nephew that needed a summer job.

“Where The Sidewalk Ends” by Shel Silverstein wasn’t satisfying in its conclusion? I wish this was a farce. But it is a really well constructed and labelled barricade to let you know that if you walk around this sign, you won’t be on the non-existent sidewalk, which happens to be closed. If it existed.

When I walked around this incredibly ridiculous barricade, I spent that one second in fear that I would be shot by a sniper for not obeying the sign, while hoping with some sort of strange longing that on the other side, looking rearward, it would say, “SIDEWALK OPEN”, but alas, it was not the case.

Must be something like what baseball teams feel at the trade deadline.

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What Happens Next

Aaron Judge is doing superlative things this year, as he usually does when he isn’t hurt. Such as launching the ball to places where “normal” hitters just can’t reach on a change-up. I’m not saying that Aaron Judge is abnormal. What I am saying is that he is made for his time.

When you think of someone who is 6’7″ and looks and plays like a linebacker, along with having excellent vision, he is something that will cause baseball to change the game in small pieces, as they did when Bob Gibson made fools of anyone who thought they could get a bat around on his fastball and decided to change the height of the pitching mound. Think about that for more than ten seconds.

Judge has traction that he is going to end up near Ruth and Williams in the pantheon of players that people love to hate, or hate to love, or just get scrutinized. If he can stay healthy.

The interesting thing to me is that if you read the box scores and stats of Ruth and Williams and Bonds, you see that they were players that played at an elevated level for decades. Because I bleed pinstripe blue, I want to feel exalted that when Aaron Judge is having a great season, but I know there is always going to be a stigma because doubt and denial of statistics seems to be the course of baseball analyses.

Put Barry in the hall, and Pete, and Roger, and Sammy, and just get over the incredibly horrible past that baseball wrote all on its own. Money grab with one eye closed to that present day mockery that people weren’t in on the gaming of the system, while comfortably forgetting that the same industry was denying the best players from making a living wage. Heck, even the Supreme Court of the United States got in on the act. AND, denying so many players from joining or staying in the game in the first place because of the color of their skin or the fact that players were legally chattel.

In the mean time, enjoy the Greatest Game Ever Invented.


Taking Care

Our long-time friend Alex Belth authored a personal and compelling article that is something that every person should read.

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So You’re Saying There Is A Chance

It’s 28 to 5, Toronto over Boston, in the middle of the ninth.

Yes, 28 to 5.,game_tab=,game=663222

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What is it with the ‘Stros Colt .45s and how they owned the Yankees just after losing a series to Oakland? I currently blame Yordan Lex Álvarez but also Craig Luthor Biggio, retired evil baseball wizard genius.

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David Ortiz

Papi in a brief interview talks about playing for Boston and more, as he heads to the HOF. It’s a fluff piece for the most part, but it’s a nice piece of nostalgia about my MFRS. The incredible series authored by Paul SF, 50 Greatest Sox Seasons, has Ortiz’ 2006 campaign at #30.


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Mattingly on Pitchers and Hitters

Donnie Baseball appearing on Dan Patrick. It’s from a little while ago, but it’s just great stuff.

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Millionaire Squabbles

Nothing like trying to retread the tires on your Maybach. h/t DailyBeast.

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It’s a hot, hot day in July heading towards All-Star week and I have chosen to sit in an air-conditioned room, with the intent of making what is now near 20 years of writing at YFSF/yanksfan-soxfan something that can be retained for the posterity of the efforts of so many who took part for years. It’s a very small part of the story of baseball, but it is thousands of posts. Hundreds of thousands of comments.

Passion, history, vitriol as well as commiseration all in a big baseball soup. Hopes expressed of one more important victory and sometimes rewarded but more often shunted to the side as the long-running saga of the story of baseball and the special relationship that people form with The Greatest Sport Ever Invented continues.

I can’t say that this a relaunch of, but at least there is a bit of work being done to the foundation and framing, and a new coat of paint. Hopefully it can be a resource for all the analysis, documentation, and humor that was generated by all the generous people who made the effort to contribute their thoughts. If you have a problem with how things are working, you can email me.. attackgerbil at yfsf dot org

In the spirit of the Marvelous summer, maybe I should have titled this post Glove and Chunder.

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Sox-Stros pre-game thoughts

We know that the ‘Stros are cheaters who cheat a lot. But so are the Sox. I’ve been watching baseball for more than 45 years, and I don’t remember people not cheating at baseball. I think the Sox have better hitters, and the Stros have better pitchers, but it is best of seven, and that makes everything fragile.