Available Second Basemen?

Could Bud Selig possibly approve a deal bringing Jose Vidro to the Yankees? And what would Minaya take for him? What value are minor leaguers to a dead-end franchise?

Who else fits the Yankees bill for that spot? Thoughts?

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  • The irony here, if that’s the right word, is that earlier in the winter there was a relative glut of second basemen on the market. Mark Grudzielanek would certainly have fit in nicely (as was suggested by YF several months ago), and there were plenty of other options.
    Now what happens is anyone’s guess. Homer Bush is already invited to camp, but that hardly seems realistic.
    As for Selig, I’m not sure how to construe his bizarre “I”m not going to let this kind of deal happen again” comments. Obviously, there’s not likely to be another A-Rod level contract out there any time soon. Perhaps he’s worried about players being simply sold for cash, without any reasonable on-field compensation (in this case, Soriano).

    YF February 17, 2004, 9:53 pm

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