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Nearly 300 posts over the last four days regarding a certain third baseman and a certain positive test. Time to reset the clocks.

Fenway park


One day to pitchers and catchers. Just 54 until Opening Day.

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thanks for this post paul…awesome photos…you’ve given me the opportunity to try to set my cynicism aside for a moment, and instead focus on how much i enjoy the game, despite its flaws…

But seriously …
Am I to understand that those Stadium pix are a compilation of many photos pieced together?
That would explain a lot of oddities in the top one: Beckett’s just finished a follow-through but Tek is standing and fiddling with his mask and the batter (Rodriguez?) is standing outside the box; You can make out Pedroia playing second but there is no one playing 3rd or short. (Abreau on first?)
Anyway … love it. We’ve been teased here in the Chicago area since Friday with unseasonably warms temps and are about to drop back into the freezer. So I welcome a nice view of summer.

“Am I to understand that those Stadium pix are a compilation of many photos pieced together?”
Yeah bill they are taken with a machine that you mount a camera on that moves it across a grid to take the pictures. The multiple pix are then assembled using a computer. If you havent seent the image from the inauguration check it out, its amazing you can make out faces in the crowd. The detail this system provides is remarkable. This does explain some of the oddities you mention…

took a look at BP’s projections – sox with 98 wins, yanks with 97 and the rays with 92

Gonna be a great season… :)

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