Back Home Again

Phil Humber pitches for the White Sox at Yankee Stadium tonight, while A.J. Burnett has three wins.  Comment away.

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Though AJ is pitching a very good 2-hitter into the 7th, Humber is pitching a NO-HITTER…did you hear that? A N…O……H…I…T…T…E…R!!!!!!!
Hello?!?!?! Bueller??!!??!! End this bulls%$t now!

Superb outing by Burnett. 8 IP, 1 ER, 2BB, 3H. His ball was moving everywhere without bouncing three feet in front of the plate or hitting anyone. And he never had the typical meltdowninning we’ve come to expect and dread from him… Yanks need to scratch a run out before logging 6 more outs…

Almost got thrown out, can’t be caught looking back to the plate when you’re stealing..
Jeter grounds out to the pitcher. Wouldn’t have scored a run but might’ve been an infield single with a little luck. Heart of the order up bottom 9, let’s see if he can do it.

Soriano surrenders a popup infield base hit. Soriano really should’ve gotten that one, probably, Jeter races in but it was not popped enough to get to it, about 5 feet behind the mound.

I swear, Soriano either needs a massive attitude-adjustment or his facial expression really micommunicates what’s on his mind. I don’t know if he could have made that play behind the mound, but man, he sure couldn’t look more disinterested if he tried. And he has looked like that all year. I have to imagine he simply always looks like that.

Ya, looks like if he kept running full sprint and dove he might’ve gotten it, like the time he ran into the stands. I guess the stakes was not enough for him, or he doesn’t think he could get to it (the angle is questionable anyways)..

Yeah, hard to tell, Lar. Let’s just say that Soriano’s indifference gave Michael Kay a way not to talk about Jeter’s slowness or lack of interest in diving…

Rough throw from Martin, a slightly better throw or a better tag/catch by Cano would’ve got him out. Them are the breaks, let’s hold hold hold.

If Cano holds onto that its a CS. Instead, man in scoring position with one out. Speaking of which, the only part of Russell Martin’s game that has bothered me is exactly that – he has a seemingly strong arm but it is not at all accurate. he has thrown multiple balls into the outfield (both going to first and to second) and has sent Cano diving for balls again and again.

I always find it more amusing when the pitcher points at the ball, and it goes to the warning track, but at least those were usually caught.
Lost him on from a 1-2 count, and the Yanks’ hole just doubled.

Massive extra run there resulting from one of the weakest hits imaginable and a CS that shoulda, woulda, coulda been. Oh well. Let’s see if we can get a couple more outs here Soriano before it gets any worse.
And it is raining again. I swear the water is following the Yankees this year.

Yanks turn two. Now the meat of their order has to plate two. At least.
Well, Guillen has been complaining that he has no closer…it has been one of the White Sox’s biggest weaknesses. Let’s see if the Yanks can capitalize.

No, not at all IH. But it looked like Jeter stopped short, and all I am saying is that Soriano was the easier target, especially for Michael Kay. It was more media crit, I can’t say with any authority that Jeter should have dived.

I think Jeter was playing a little far back to get that and – if he did anything wrong – it was taking a hesitation step back when the ball was hit. But I honestly don’t think a dive would have gotten him anything. And A-Rod strikes out. Slowly. Rough one. But Chicago pitched them great. Oh well.

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