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Back To The Action: Rangers-Cards Gamer VI

Scott Boras alleges that Scott Boras was just joking about Brian Cashman not returning his calls regarding renegotiating the last two years of Robinson Cano’s contract. Brian Cashman did not return calls regarding not returning calls. Bob Hohler, Dan Shaughnessy, and Peter Abraham are “doing something special” for Globe subscribers: discussing the collapse of the Red Sox tonight at the Cask ‘n Flagon and via online chat. What helps me get over how not depressed I am that I never reached a station in life where I get to ignore Scott Boras’ calls and that I never had a subscription to the Globe that I could cancel right now is that there is still baseball being played today.
The Rangers look to clinch their first Series with Colby Lewis on the mound, the only Ranger to have claimed a “W” in last year’s Fall Classic. Jaime Garcia pitches for the Cardinals for game six in St. Louis. Comment away.

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