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Back To The Bronx: Rays-Yanks Gamer I

Ivan Nova and James Shields at The Stadium. Comment away.

50 replies on “Back To The Bronx: Rays-Yanks Gamer I”

ARod. Come on man. Get it together.
7 more years of this?
3-0 after 5. They made Shields throw a ton of pitches. Maybe one more inning?

Maybe he’ll do the right thing and just retire AG….
BIG DP FOR CSN…Tex is so good at starting those. Too bad he can’t hit for $20 million a year.
2 outs.

It looks like NC passed the amendment to ban gay marriage…
Should we just build a wall around the South, instead of on the border of Mexico? I prefer immigrants to rednecks.
Now back to the game…

Swish hits right into the shift…
Why the fuck do they always just hit it into the shift? Why not just bunt there?
I don’t understand baseball, well, Yankee-baseball sometimes…
2 outs.

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