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Back To Work: O’s-Yanks Gamer

The Yankees face another rookie Oriole for the first time today in the form of 6’5″ lefty Brian Matusz. A.J. goes for the Yanks who throws the first pitch less than 12 hours after the early morning conclusion of the rain-soaked affair that began last night. Comment away.

B. Roberts 2b .283
J. Fiorentino cf .444
N. Markakis rf .306
N. Reimold lf .273
L. Scott dh .257
M. Wieters c .270
T. Wigginton 3b .270
M. Aubrey 1b .318
R. Andino ss .226
B. Matusz 5.26
NY Yankees
D. Jeter ss .331
J. Hairston Jr. lf .271
M. Teixeira 1b .281
A. Rodriguez 3b .286
N. Swisher rf .253
R. Cano 2b .316
S. Duncan dh .000
M. Cabrera cf .277
J. Molina c .248
A.J. Burnett 4.19

12 replies on “Back To Work: O’s-Yanks Gamer”

AJ getting pounded by the Baltimore Orioles. Yankee October prospects get scary every time he takes the mound. I don’t know what is up with him but he is all over the place.

Let’s just say it – if the Yankees lose game 1 of the ALDS, their chances of advancing drop precipitously. And as that game will very likely be CC vs. Verlander (that is if the Tigers can stop the recent leaking of their ship), it is certainly no lock.

Roberts a triple away from the cycle. AJ’s suckitude coming today with Molina, not Jorge, behind the dish. He just is incredibly susceptible to blow-up innings. And he is one hit away from letting this one get even more out of hand.

All of the pressure in the world will be on CC this postseason. He CANNOT lose ANY of his starts. He has to go out there and pitch like and Ace every single game in the playoffs. If he can do it, we’ll be fine. If not, we are f-cked.
Now, if the bats are on fire it might not matter but as all of us have seen the last few years, the best lineup in the league can easily be beaten by great pitching performances.

This has also been one of those annoying games the likes of which we haven’t seen for weeks when the line-up looks to be mailing AB’s in until late in the game. I think they were hungover from the Jeter record-chase and came in thinking Baltimore sucks, this game doesn’t really matter, etc. At least their making a little noise at the plate finally…and just as I type that Jorge goes from 3-0 with two on to striking out. Horrible.

Jeter staying alive…and then K’s. We just got smoked over 7 innings by a 22-year-old call-up. Nice.

It’s no big deal from a standings perspective, but AJ’s steady decline in the 2nd half of the season is very, very, very, very, very troubling indeed. We need this guy if we are going to win it. Period. He needs to find a way to get it together and fast. I’m starting to feel like this season is going to end up just like the last 9 years…

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