Bad Blood: Sox-Yanks Gamer II

Jorge Posada looked like he was finally getting back in the groove, but that's all but over now as he heads to the DL for—let's be honest here—something like a month or more with a pulled hammy. Francisco Cervelli takes his roster slot. If there's any good news, it's that A-Rod is likely to return in the next few days. (That's good news right?) Assuming the Yanks get a game in between the rain drops, and the team allows the paying clientele to watch (you never know with these guys) we're in for a duel between Josh Beckett and Joba Chamberlain, the respective team enforcers, a day after Sox 1b coach Tim (Tom? who cares) Bogar and Joe Girardi got into it over the former's alleged sign stealing. Solution: disguise the effing signs. Maybe the Yanks take one against the Sox this year? Whattayasayfellas? Comment here…..


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Not a homer, but it’ll give the Sox the lead. Three straight hits, all solid contact.

I agree Krueg, that curveball Joba threw to Papi was right down the middle. Another night with a weird strikezone?
JASON FUCKING BAY! Crushes one to left field. 4-0, no outs.

Maybe if the curse lasts twenty years they’ll knock this park down sooner?

Errrrr, I’m liking this game so far. The Sox better not pile on too much, though, if they want to get this official before the rain starts.

I love the little move Bay does where he lightly lays the bat across homeplate when he knows he’s hit a homer.

Imagine the story you’ll tell your grandkids if we never see another Yankee championship.
I feel like I’m in an episode of “Lost”.

>>>Imagine the story you’ll tell your grandkids if we never see another Yankee championship.<<< I started calling it the Curse of the Zim-bino after Zimmer bumrushed Pedro.

I just can’t believe that Beckett is now our fourth starter, after a guy who is like 76 years old and throws 44mph. He should be embarrassed, and maybe learn something from his elders. Pathetic year he is having – his agent is popping the Rolaids.

Um: “Van Every in center field”…. why is Jacoby out of the game? Or is Gamechannel on crack?

hammy strains are the swine flu of yankee stadium.
meanwhile, joba rolling and a terrific relay from the sox to catch melky, followed by a hiccup at first that lets pena reach 2nd. can the yanks get the tie run home?
melky been looking good, generally.

Not that the old Yankee Stadium was cavernous for a guy like Damon, but I have to imagine that this new stadium just made him some additional percentage points on his next contract.

Strike zone sounds… interesting. Are the radio guys relaying that accurately?

Joba makes Bay pay with a fastball to the back–there’s no way that was accidental. Camera showed Beckett in the dugout, who had a small smile on his face. This is going to get ugly.

Haha, Sox radio guys having a delightful discussion of how many Red Bulls Joba drinks, and how that contributes to his “dancing around out there” on the mound.
Wouldn’t complain if this one got called after five. Might be nice to have a game between these two teams that comes in under three hours.

Joba being funny. I’m laughing. Are you SFs?
Eckersley not pleased (while talking trash the whole game).

Joba just won the world series. Or at least his celebration indicates so.

That grin from Beckett was also hilarious, especially knowing what’s coming. Jeter to his hands?

I think what Eck doesn’t like is that it’s going to make this game ugly very quickly, with Beckett on the mound for the Sox. $20 says he beans the first batter.

Oh geez, the last thing we need is Beckett plunking anyone tonight. Perhaps if he was otherwise in complete control and striking guys out at will, but the way he looks right now… seems like it could backfire.

Good commercial from DD. Pedroia, looking very little, slays the Goliath in pinstripes.

jackie- i was just typing….
orsillo and the radio guys are giving joba the business. they saying joba drinks 8 red bulls leading up to game time. i’m gonna bite my tongue, and not allude to the obvious.

sf rod – yeah, I was thinking that too, but since it’s not baseball related and shouldn’t even be public…

Think Girardi got a call about the rain and wanted it sloppier for the Sox. The delay was just enough.

Weather is moving north, in Brooklyn it’s raining steadily but not torrentially. But it is surely not baseball weather outside here near the Brooklyn Bridge.

Saito does a nice job plowing through the 9th inning and preserving the Sox win.

I had the game on in the background while I did work, and am SHOCKED that Joba struck out so many people. I didn’t realize he was rolling.

Right? Not to say ARod isn’t a douche and brings most, if not all of this stuff on himself but this book seems to be mostly BS and really just piles on. We know the guy is a headcase and weird, not really a story. The PED thing was a story a few months ago, he confessed (don’t care if people bitch about it being insincere or incomplete, not everyone has fessed up)and now it is what it is. Selena Roberts is a hack.

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