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Bad Memories

The current Red Sox lineups remind me of the Ralph Houk years.

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now introducing the next red sox you’ve never heard of….. 25 year old niuman romero.
scouting report: versatile infielder with a subpar bat. below average power. average speed. excellent glove. outstanding fundamentals.
rad. he should fill in for our cleanup hitter nicely.
this is getting ridiculous.

Normally after a game like this, you can rationalize and say, well, it won’t usually be like this.
But there’s no comfort like that here. Do you see that lineup? It could EASILY be like this next time and for awhile. They could streak all the way into the break with no more wins. And it could be much, much worse than that.
I’d settle for two wins from here to the break. Actually, that would be great for the team they’re putting on the field.

Not only are the injuries destroying our team, but our bullpen is awful right now too. We’ve got Bard and Paps and that’s essentially it.
At least Lackey is pitching well now, though it’s not like it matters. This feels like 2006 all over again.

It will be impossible to keep up in this division with that lineup. Even if the starting pitching is good, as it has been the last two nights (with re: to keeping the game close), they can’t score one run a night.
The Yankees have 200M dollars worth of talent that swing the bats. Six backups will not be able to keep up under any scenario ever.
All I hope is that they stay within 7 games or so before everyone gets back.
As an aside, Beckett is starting Sunday in Pawtucket – we got tix for 12$ last night, so if anyone is close enough, it’s a good time there, and a very affordable day with the family.

“…This feels like 2006 all over again. …”
this almost seems worse ath…i mean without analyzing the DL, and the replacements for both years, i don’t think i’ve ever seen a team this snake-bit…
“…All I hope is that they stay within 7 games or so before everyone gets back….”
exactly what i’ve been thinking brad…i told a fellow yankee fan yesterday who couldn’t decide who to root for in the sox/rays game we were watching that the sox scare me more than the rays…if not now, later, when you get back to full strength…there’s still some games left in sept with the yanks, rays, and sox, and that should be wild if the sox don’t fall too far behind during this rough stretch…
and amen on the value of a minor league game…it’s still one of the best family entertainment values out there…and the bonus of seeing somebody like beckett adds to the experience…my daughter told me the other day that she misses going to the games when we lived 15 min away from the rock cats stadium in new britain…now we’re about 2 hrs away from the nearest minor league team…bummer…she is excited though about making her first trip to yankee stadium later this month…then we follow that up with yanks/rays in tampa…

“i told a fellow yankee fan yesterday who couldn’t decide who to root for in the sox/rays game…”
Um…neither? I keep hoping for a tie but it never seems to pan out!

Agreed, DC.
I only live about 30min from New Britian, and about 90min from Pawtucket, so we get in our fair share of games in the summertime. For a hundred bucks, you can go, park, eat, drink, and watch a great baseball game. I cannot tell you how much more fun I have at a minor league game versus going to Fenway, and a lot of that comes from the simple stress of spending so much money to watch a damn baseball game. Of course we enjoy Fenway, and I’ve never been to Yankee Stadium, but the minor leagues is where the real fun and value can be found.
Plus, if anyone has never been to Pawtucket, it’s a great stadium to catch a game. The give all the kids small buckets with strings attached to them to lower down into the duggout for players to sign items during the game, which is very, very cool. There is about a 15′ drop from the front row down to the duggout, and players continually sign autograps on hats, cards, shirts, ect. the entire game for the kids (and adult weirdos looking for autographs).

When A-Rod gets in one of these grooves it is awesome in the true sense of that word. He nailed a low and away change-up over the 400-ft sign in straight-away center. Crazy power.
Sucks for sfs – injuries may be a part of the game, but this is pretty insane. And even so they are only a handful of games back, which is impressive. The All-Star break comes at a good time at least. Those days off couldn’t be more needed for the guys in the infirmary.
Krueg, I am still going to the Sunday game, but as my family will be overseas next weekend, i will likely go to at least one of the others if not both as well (may depend on A-Rod’s HR total). If I go to Fri’s will let you know and maybe we can meet up. I’ll buy you a $1,000-beer.
Good to see you here SF!

speaking of ties, i’m still pissed that the all star game decides home field advantage in the world series…it just seems so hypocritical to put that kind of emphasis on an exhibition game, when they continue to use the silly methods of selecting players for the game…not necessarily in order of silliness, but: fan voting, each team has to be represented, pressure to put the latest hyped rookie [yes, you strasburg] on the nl team [even though he didn’t make it], more fan internet voting for the final roster spots, all of it leading to “snubs” suggesting that maybe the best teams aren’t in the game…wtf…the only reason for the infamous tie was that both managers felt pressured to play all of the players on their benches…so is the game and the selection process about what the fans want or isn’t it?…so who gives a damn that it ended in a tie…that’s where the nba’s got it right…they don’t play defense and it’s about showing off for the fans…it’s fun…one of my favorite all star memories was when unit threw a fastball about 20 feet over krukie’s head, and then seeing their reactions…priceless, and fun…one of my least favorite memories was the pete rose cheap shot on ray fosse…yeah, i suppose it was a clean play, but in an all star game?…you really want to hurt somebody because that’s how the game is “supposed” to be played?…in an all star exhibition game?…i’m actually kind of surprised that bpud didn’t lobby to use the hr contest to determine home field…
as an alternative, let the respective managers, coaches, and players pick the teams with no restrictions…if it winds up winds up all yankees, rays, and sox, that’s fine…it wouldn’t happen, because those guys are smart enough to put together the team that has the best chance to win…the current system ties the hands of those guys…another idea would be to keep the all star game the way it is including the selection process, but have a separate game between the teams with the best record in each league at the time…the winner of that game secures home field advantage for its league…i know there’s scheduling conflicts that would make that logistically difficult if not impossible, but…

IH…no doubt man! I would love to have a beer with the immortal IH!!! I am so stoked for the trip, having never been to Yankee Stadium (old or new) before! We are in section 114B and are planning on getting there EARLY to see the Museum and shop. How early do the gates open before the game?
Let me know and we will meet up for sure.
DC…totally agree on the home field from the ASG thing. It is ridiculous. To think we could lose home field in the WS this year because of it is pathetic. Luckily, the AAAA team sucks and should get housed for like the 15th straight time.

Krueg, gates open 2 hours before game-time. Good to know your section – which seats?? I only have my Sunday tix for now and will probably get seats at the game for Fri (if I go) so won’t know location till I’m there. By the way, be sure not to bring any backpacks/bags to the game – they only allow stuff in clear plastic bags and you’ll have to leave anything across the street which is a hassle to pick up after the game.
dc, I agree that if the game is to count as it does, than the selection should be done differently (or as a separate game). But I am in what I acknowledge is probably a very small minority in not having any problem – apart from those selction issues – with the game counting in this way. Having the team with the best record, when they now compile those records against almost entirely different opponents over the course of the year (interleague play notwithstanding) seems to me to make much less sense than having a game that pits “the best” of the two leagues against each other to determine it.
But yes, I don’t think they get “the best” with this selection process. They just get infinitely closer to “the best” than anything else that is currently done.

Thanks for the info IH…I’m not sure of the seats, I only know the section at this point. A friend up there got them for us so he has the tickets. I didn’t even ask about the actual seats…

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