Bad Karma

New York Metro, one of those free daily high-school-cum-pseudo-newspapers that are handed out at subway entries, leads it’s review of “Surviving Christmas”, the newest Ben Affleck vehicle, with the observation that the movie is “two hours of your life you’ll never get back”. Here’s hoping that Affleck’s film and game 1 have absolutely nothing in common, from this fan’s perspective.

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  • A friend of mine’s one rule re deciding what movies to see is to always avoid titles that start with a gerund. He appears to be right again. (“Chasing Amy” and “Changing Lanes” also come to mind in the context of this thread.) I thought that Affleck was doing the humane thing and quitting acting to become a Texas Hold ‘Em pro. Well, if there’s going to be a Bartman in Beantown, Affleck’s as good a candidate as any.

    Spidey October 22, 2004, 10:06 am

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