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Hey, Scott Boras can negotiate with the best of them, but the following quote, from Sean McAdam’s column in today’s Providence Journal, leaves me confused. I am not sure his examples of catchers who played into their late 30s are those that will convince Theo Epstein & Company to give ‘Tek 10M per. Scott may want to work on his case studies – Whitt was a career .253 hitter, Boone hit fewer than 7 home runs each of the last 7 years of his career, and Parrish hit about .230 over the last 5 or 6 years of his time in the Majors.

BOSTON — Agent Scott Boras, who represents potential free agents Jason Varitek and Derek Lowe, has been at Fenway Park the last two nights, but not with the intent of restarting negotiations for his clients.

For one thing, GM Theo Epstein has been out of town scouting potential picks in next week’s amateur draft. For another, Boras figures that the contractual stalemates will best be revisited after the season.

But Boras did take issue with two popularly held theories regarding the players.

Rebutting the industry-wide belief that catchers degenerate physically once they hit their mid-30s — Varitek will be 33 soon after the 2005 season starts — Boras countered: “Studies show catchers don’t hit (in their mid-30s) and that they don’t play because they don’t hit.

“But there are plenty of catchers who play late into their 30s — Ernie Whitt, Lance Parrish and Bob Boone — because they can still hit.”

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