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Baseball! Sox Spring Gamers I and II

So the Sox' annual massacre of Boston College won't be on TV or radio (boo!) this afternoon, but tonight's match for the Mayor's Cup sure will. So use this spot to comment on any and all of the first live action since last October.

It's been a long four months. Let's hope the next six weeks go a little faster. Comment away!

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nice to see the new MLB channel will be showing a bunch of spring games as well. my baseball itch is so bad i would watch a reds split squad vs. wellesley college and pray for extras at this point.

gardner has homered (pencil him in as your starting CF), as has a-rod*. yanks up 3-1 on TOR in the 4th. that tomko signing might be a hidden gem.
sox being 1 hit by BC and are down 1-0. could this be the year?

hahahahahaha. Very nice, Rod.
Sweeny Murdi said that the minute he got up someone yelled “where’s your cousin?” as the stadium was not loud, everyone heard it.
I can’t wait to see it this year.

“Where’s your cousin” is not a very intelligent jeer for A-Rod haters – everyone knows who his cousin is. Turns out the mediots who slammed A-Rod for ‘making up a person’ were unsurprisingly, categorically, and hilariously wrong, yet again.
I wonder if A-Rod’s mindset of ‘not caring’ that he adopted in 2007 will become even more pronounced. He probably fincally realizes he’s not the ‘good guy’, and hasn’t been anyway for a long time. If he gets booed by his own fans, I’m pretty sure he can handle getting booed by his opponents, no matter what the content of those boos are. I wonder if the widespread prediction of an A-Rod meltdown will look just as silly as the mediots who ironically ended up making up a story of their own when they decided A-Rod ‘made up’ his cousin.

um…the man still thinks a 50+ madonna is a catch. i’m not even sure he thinks at all. which is probably good way for him to approach this year.

I don’t think Brad was necessarily saying that ARod would break down because people are booing/chanting, only that it would be funny to see. I myself look forward to seeing him pelted with tic-tacs during games, and hearing the “steroids” chant that Giambi dealt with for so many years, but I still expect ARod to hit 40+ homeruns.

poor kid from BC…..
prohovich threw 1/3rd of an inning giving up 6 runs culminating in an ERA of 162.00.

I’m just glad the Sox won. How embarrassing would a loss be?
The problem with A-Rod isn’t whether or not the cousin existed. The problem is why the steroids-obtaining cousin was hanging around with a steroids-linked trainer as recently as 2007.

Turns out the mediots who slammed A-Rod for ‘making up a person’ were unsurprisingly, categorically, and hilariously wrong, yet again.
I actually thought that “mediots” who slammed him was for the pure rediculousness of his story, not that he made up a story about a cousin. The cousin, afterall, is a real person, which is more than any of us can say for the story – or any story a pathological liar tells.
A-Rod started not caring what people thought in 2007? I would agree except he’s exactly the same paranoid attention hog he’s always been. But, that’s just me.
Do you have inside information that the “mediots” are going to look stupid over the perdicted “meltdown”. Has A-Rod given you some kind of inside information that suggests he’s going to handle the pressure and stress better than he has at other times?
None of us know how he’s going to handle it, and as of now, he’s the Spring Training MVP, but calling the other half (or 80%ish) that believe the guy will have a psychological meltdown with Yankee fans start throwing him under the bus ‘idoits’, is short-sided.
Either way, none of us can see into the future. I’ll just keep hoping that he has an emotional breakdown and starts crying on Kim Jones’ shoulder after the beatings he’ll take, and you just keep hoping the opposite. We’ll see what happens!

Brad –
Has A-Rod ever had a psychological ‘meltdown’? No? I should be asking you if you have inside information as to his psyche. Until then, I think we can all safely assume that Alex Rodriguez will continue to play baseball really, really well, and nod and smile at those who are hoping and dreaming about some mythical A-Rod meltdown.
Secondly, you have to (or, well, should have to) own up to the things you say. It’s called journalistic integrity. A-Rod got slammed for ‘making up his cousin’, which was the crux of his story being ‘ridiculous’. Now that the cousin undeniably exists, where are the mea culpas? Another point is the widespread reporting that A-Rod’s cousin could not *possibly* have gotten those drugs in the DR because they were illegal! Ah hah! A lie! Oh woops, turns out that you can even today very easily get those drugs over the counter. Turns out it wasn’t A-Rod who was lying, but the accusers themselves! And what makes Alex a pathological liar? Because he didn’t admit to steroid usage when he didn’t have to? I think you’ll find that half of MLB would be pathological liars based on that standard. Mediots are those that don’t own up to their mistakes. Intellectually, you can’t say things that are then proven to be wrong, and then expect to be taken seriously when you don’t mention your mistake again. It’s just funny at this point seeing the A-Rod haters in the media continue to shoot themselves in the foot, especially now that they have more ammunition than ever!

No, you’re definitely correct: my saying he’ll be will not be fine under the pressure is as questionable as you saying he will. Again, we don’t know. I retract my sarcasm on the issue, as you have shown that my statement is just as questionable as yours.
Journalistic integrity? What is this phenomenon you speak of? Again, until A-Rod proves that he can continue to put up these numbers going forward, he’s the only one the light shines upon. Nobody cares that Johnny Reporter wrote that the cousin doesn’t exist. However, everyone does care if A-Rod hits 28HR this year.
Time will tell which of these rats are the less stinky.

Are there any A-Rod fans in the media? Even the beat writer blogs grind the guy to a nub. It does seem that if your job is a reporter, and you happen to be lucky enough to be in the sports department, you’ve already achieved the prerequisite of hating A-Rod. Or, being on the inside offers information we don’t get everyday. Take your pick.

Very true, I think that by placing the deserved asterisk between that A and the R, the eye just scans over it, not really ever noticing that it exists. So, like his career, the issue will be overlooked because of the enormity of the name which it appears with!

A-Rod has lied in each setting during which he’s tried to tell the truth:
* Didn’t even know the name of the drug (turns out he called it “boli”)
* Roberts broke into his house (“misunderstood” the situation)
* Over-the-counter in the Dominican Republic (turns out it’s illegal, regardless of the ease of purchase)
Regardless of whether it’s pathological, A-Rod has told only as much as he felt was needed at the time to look good, then lied about the rest. Which never turns out so well. The Selena Roberts allegations were particularly egregious, I thought.

Wait, the 50 year-old woman, who is out of shape, and has been stalking him for years didn’t jump the 10′ high fence and break into the house of an admitted steroid abuser?
Come on! I find that very hard to believe. She seems like the exact kind of person to do that. He’s lucky his kids made it through the night with that kind of psycho always on his tail!

Now I can’t stop imagining the scenario where a overweight 50 year old in a light colored pant suit, scaling the walls of a Miami mansion and hiding in the bushes with camoflage paint on her face – just waiting for that moment when Roger Clemens stops by to drop off the newest “boli” shipment.

or swimming up the waterway in a frog suit to the dock with high powered specs concentrated on the room where all the big deals go down.
I’ll get you A-Rod!!
maybe I’m just ammusing myself while still at work at freaking 6:40 on the first day the Sox are back on TV at 7!!!!

zomg guys baseball in 20 minutes!
I’m rewatching the Giants/Indians game from earlier today because it’s baseball. It’s baseball. God I’ve missed this.

Also, is reporting Pedroia, Youkilis, Ellsbury, Bay, and Wakefield will be in tonight’s game.

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