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Beck and Call: Sox-Angels Gamer III

We all knew the Sox, Yanks and Rays would be neck-and-neck in the AL East standings. One wek in, it seems we were correct. They're all within a game … of last place.

Josh Beckett looks to make it two in a row for the Sox and a return to .500, not to mention taking two of three in a West Coast series — no small feat, that.

So comment away if you've got nothing else to do on an Easter Sunday.

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Crazy pseudo-fight. Beckett getting all the blame for “egging it on”, even though he went back to the mound and Soscia came up to him and started yelling at him.

Okay this has gotten weird. The umpires clearly tossed out Soscia and Hunter, but now it looks like they may have been un-tossed. Wtf?

Yeah, apparently Soscia THOUGHT he was tossed earlier when he wasn’t.
Okay wtf, now Soscia is on the field in the top half of the next inning, and it’s getting crazy. He’s yelling at TWO different umpires, and may or may not have gotten tossed. Nobody knows what set off Soscia this time.

Yep, Soscia just went up the tunnel. Also, their reliever Speier got thrown out too. He was the first one tossed earlier when everything happened.

Lowell K’d looking at a low strike. Framed well, and given a little help by the ump.

TV guys confirming that Speier and the Angels hitting coach were ejected. So four altogether.
More crying about it from the Angels announcers: “That’s ridiculous that four Angels get tossed. Nobody from Boston was thrown out.”

Beckett suddenly struggling, gives up a single and walk.
And then Kendrick doubles. Well, it was a single, but Drew didn’t hit the cut-off man so he got to 2nd. Abreu up with men on 2nd and 3rd, this will be an interesting at-bat.

Ortiz tries to steal 2nd, and he ALMOST made it! A great catch/tag was the only reason he was out.

Soria striking out the side against the Yanks. That game turned quickly.
And no, no we don’t want Ortiz stealing bases PBE ;-)

You wouldn’t know it from the box score, but Beckett has been pretty good today. He’s had several bloop singles and dribblers get past the infield for hits, which isn’t indicative of how well he has pitched.
He just K’d Rivera to end the 6th, way to buckle down. Lets get him some runs guys.

All Pedroia needed to do was hit it in the air to tie the game; instead, the worst possible result. Don’t have the time to check, but I’d guess the team’s stats with runners on and runners in scoring position are pretty terrible right now.

Hah, I have Kendrick on my fantasy team and I desperately needed a double. Damn you for legging it out Howie!

Another walk. Bases loaded for Lowell.
And hey, no K-Rod in the bullpen. No Speier either thanks to Abreu’s big mouth.

Holy shit, Shields threw that ball 5 feet over the catcher’s head. It’s a miracle he was able to jump up and catch that.

Motherfucker. Varitek hits it well but Matthews runs in to make the catch.
Ahh, the frustrations involved when you have a lineup full of walkers.

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