Belth, Jordan and Lederer Sit Down

Rich Lederer hosts a roundtable with Alex Belth and Pat Jordan to discuss  The Best Sports Writing of Pat Jordan, a new collection edited by the Bronx Banter founder. You gotta love exchanges like this:

Alex: I have a gub.
So what am I going to do with a gub? The truth of the matter is, all of
Patty’s close friends are Jewish liberals and he lives in Fort
Lauderdale, which is littered with ’em. He can’t get away from us.
Maybe that’s why he has a gub. He’s afraid the B’nai Birith is going to
come and take his library card.

Pat: What’s a gub? Yes, all my friends are young
Jewish liberals. The Youngers of Zion. They meet once a year in Ft.
Lauderdale to control my life. They force me to get a website, to blog,
email, all kinds of loathsome chores. They demand I learn how to use
the TV remote. When I was talking to Alex on the phone one night, my
wife was cursing loudly at the remote she couldn’t figure out. Alex
said, “What’s she mad at?” I told him. He said, “Jeezs, Fred and Wilma
Flintstone." When my computer doesn’t work I stand on a chair and drop
a rock on it. In the morning Wilma and I go to the quarry to lift
rocks. Still, the Youngers of Zion conspire with my wife to drag me
outta the 19th century where I’m comfortably ensconced.

It’s a fun interview and the book sounds like a must-read.

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