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Best Of Five

Andy Pettitte will take the mound Sunday.  Here's hoping he brings something more to the party than what the first two starters provided.

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the game is on sunday in the dimension where ag dwells…i think it’s monday for the rest of us…i’m glad that this baseball stuff just isn’t that important to me, or i’d be very angry with the yankees right now…i’m looking forward to the them absolutely torching lee tomorrow…did i mention i live in fantasy world?…hopefully they’ll giftwrap a whole bunch of hits and runs for lee as a kind of early house-warming gift…

aj may not be lurking after all…girardi is apparently not being that definite about what he might do…my feeling was that if the yanks weren’t up at least 2-1 that we would not see aj…of course, by splitting the first 2 games, there’s no way of knowing now if we will be up 2-1 until after monday’s game, and apparently cc will need to alter his workout routine to go on short rest…joe needs to make up his mind today…it’s funny, 24 hours ago, sportswriters were saying that the yanks had the rangers right where they want them…today, the rangers have the yanks right where they want them…um, i’m not the smartest guy in the world i know, but i don’t think either team has the other right where they want them until they’re holding the ws trophy high over their heads, taking champagne, beer, and ginger ale baths…

This anecdote does work for baseball.
Quite a while ago, someone asked Neil Peart about drumming and how he handles all those tricky time signatures and complex changes for which Rush is so famous, to which he replied, “It’s all 1/1 time.”
Truly brilliant.

the post season is wierd…a lot of head-scratching stuff can and does happen…i wouldn’t be surprised to see lee get hammered tonight and aj turn in a gem tomorrow…well, maybe a little surprised, but it could happen…that’s why they’re going ahead and actually play the game tonight, instead of just awarding it to the rangers and moving on to game 4, like so many in the print media, fox, tbs, and the morons at espn seem to want them to do…

Gearing up to hit the stadiumin full force tonight.
Prediction: Lee turns in a gem, but Andy matches him – scoreless game in the 7th. And then the Yankees remind the Rangers that they’re not the only team that can run and Brett Gardner and Curtis Granderson manufacture two runs. Yanks win.
And while I get what is being said re: just playing the game, I cannot trust AJ right now. I’d rather have Dustin Moseley and Sergio Mitre get us through the first 5+ innings of Game 4 and then patch together the rest with the pen. AJ threw a ball to the backstop and hit two batter IN HIS SIMULATED GAME against his own teammates. According to Kay, those who saw it said he wasn’t bad, but rather awful. Yeah, guys can have bad sessions and then pitch great. But 2010-AJ is not one of those guys. The guy hasn’t pitched in almost 3 weeks. He will be a wreck. Don’t start him Joe – please.

i still say start burnout and see what happens…it absolutely stinks that we can’t trust a guy who was supposed to be our #2 starter when we acquired him…what were the scouts looking at?…
i know i should focus on the games at hand, but what are we going to do about yet another [$16.5m for each of 3 more years] head case?…he has no trade value at those prices…i guess the yankees will have to trade him to a low-pressure non-contender and agree to pay a substantial [50+%] portion of his salary to the team that acquires him…a national league team might be a perfect fit…at least he’d have a chance to get the pitcher out every 9 ab’s…at this point if we have to patch together a ws game 4 start from guys we wouldn’t have trusted to start in the first place, we have a serious flaw and don’t deserve to win anyway…i want that loser out of here as soon as possible if we can’t use him…

“we have a serious flaw and don’t deserve to win anyway”
I am really not trying to be the cynic, but I fear the above comment does indeed reflect reality. But for now, I’m focused on the prospect of the best postseason-career-pitcher vs. the best current post-season pitcher. You can of course say this of no game other than gae 7 of a series, but I feel that tonight is really where this series will be won or lost. If we had taken both in Texas then it would be expendable, but right now, if Andy wins I think we are in great shape. And if he loses, I honestly think we are screwed thanks largely to AJ.
OK – that’s it. Off to the stadium!!!! Go Yanks!
By the way, I am one of the poor suckers whose Fox-TV broadcasts of the NLCS and football were blacked out this weekend. Very annoying.

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