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Big Guys: Yanks-A’s Gamer I

Going by the intrawebs, the combined weight of today’s starting pitchers is 557 pounds, but I’m going to guess that the number is actually north of 600 with C.C. Sabathia on the bump in his home town while the Bombers face our old friend Bartolo Colon, who 12 games into the season is sporting the best ERA and WHIP of his career. Here’s to a couple fat old guys ruling the roost.

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Let’s do this thing… 2 nights and a day(game). Sounds like the cruise from San Diego to Mazatlan and back… only a little less fun, and without souvenirs from Papas & Beer.

C.C. is costing me beer! Sweet precious beer! I’ll just pay up now, Andrew.

Not that I would enjoy that tasty beverage sooner rather than later, but lest I remind you about counting my yet unhatched chickens… You also cannot count out Phil and Hiroki, as they have had more than a few acceptable performances this year.

Who is this Tershara guy? Why haven’t we been playing him all year?

Oh well. Thanks for getting my hopes up. At least Hafner took it for a bit of a ride.

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