Billion Dollah Bombahs

Cast aside, for a moment, the bitter disappointment of another loss that could well have been bloody well should have been a win last night (time to start winning these close-uns, dammit!) to consider this: the Bombers, in all their present mediocrity, are a billion dollar franchise, at least for the moment. This according to the Forbes magazine “Business of Baseball Report.” To be precise, the franchise is worth $1.026 billion. The Sox clock in at second place, worth $617 million. Your average, everyday, garden-variety club is worth $376 million, and values are up across the board by some 15 percent over last year. The bottom of the barrel: Tampa Bay at $206 million, but don’t cry for those Floridians, as they were $20 million in the black last year, and in no small measure thanks to our Yankees, whom, it appears, are the economic engine of MLB. The Yanks dumped more than $70 million into the league’s revenue sharing kitty last year ($50 mil for the Sox), but also count for 27 percent of the league’s merch revenue (shared, to the tune of about $3 mil a team) and provide a lottery windfall if they happen to show up at your new balllpark, which you probably had subsidized by We The People. (Clever you!) While the Yanks and Sox both posted a “loss” in the revenue column, whatever money went down the drain in expenses was more than recouped in overall value. Also worth noting: Yankee Stadium II (The House Jeter Built) could bump the team valuation up another 20 percent or more. Now then. If the boys could just keep the charity to the financial ledgers, and off the blasted field, they’d really be in business.

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