Blessings, Ballyhoo, and Balderdash

First off, congratulations to Devine and his wife who brought their son Malcolm into the world yesterday.  Truly wonderful news, and blessings from all of our families here at the blog.

As the senior circuit championship series continues tonight with Philly phacing phinality, Halladay has already given up a run.  I'll be flipping twixt that and the Oregon/UCLA game.  Go Ducks.  Go Docs (just to wear them out, because)…

There's no reason to not believe that the Yankees bats won't stay alive enough to not win a game six against Texas, and then who does or does not know what might not happen?  That's a personal record for the most negatives in one sentence.

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  • Thank you Lar, IronHorse (yar, there’s suffering and then there’s SUFFERING, but we ended up winning in a big way), dc, Brad, krueg (I dream of his professional athleticism…in baseball, but whatever he wants…I was substantially bigger than him at birth and am…substantially smaller than you, but he’s way tall for a newborn and his mom’s family runs big, so maybe…), and attackgerbil (we are hoping for a home birth next time, but it definitely was for the best that it was a hospital birth this time, my extremely late congratulations to your wife and you for a job well done, and preemptive congratulations on your daughter…I hope we have a girl next time).
    Here is a picture of the little man:
    If you look at the whole set, I’m the dark-haired dude with glasses (shirtless warning!), not the big red-headed dude who has approximately krueg’s physique (that’s his uncle, mom’s bro).

    Devine October 21, 2010, 8:56 pm
  • Oregon plays like someone is chasing each of them, trying to light their hair on fire and the fireman chasing after them only has a rake and a hammer.

    attackgerbil October 21, 2010, 9:19 pm
  • thanks for sharing the pictures devine…what a sweet baby…thankfully he looks like his mom and not his dad… ;)

    dc October 22, 2010, 11:16 am

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