Blue-Light Special

The signings of Pettitte and Igawa do nothing to indicate that the Yankees are in K-Mart mode, let alone dollar-store shopping while taking out a title loan at the money store at the strip mall. However, it appears that the signing of Juan Miranda for 500k per over four is further evidence, combined with the Wright and Sheffield trades, that Cashman’s Yankees are aggressive in pursuing talent that doesn’t command a high salary (by recent Yankee standards) at the risk of betting on a high upside for the prospect. Sure, in the short-term, the Yankees make some fiscal concessions, such as the 4M of Wright’s salary that NY will carry next season (which they would have paid in a buyout anyway), but I see long-term strategy being made real. Some evaluators didn’t think Miranda was worth as much as NY paid, but it still seems that the hand on the Yankee tiller is at least trying to steer clear of iceberg contracts. We’re talking about a rounding error on the Yankee payroll. Two words: I like.

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