Bob Dylan’s Annual MVP Choice, and Hot Stove Updates

From a September, 2005 Rolling Stone article about the great American artist :

So what’s Bob Dylan’s favorite baseball team, anyway?
"The problem with baseball teams is all the players get traded, and
what your favorite team used to be — a couple of guys you really
liked on the team, they’re not on the team now — and you can’t
possibly make that team your favorite team. It’s like your favorite
uniform. I mean . . . yeah . . . I like Detroit. Though I like
Ozzie [Guillen] as a manager. And I don’t know how anybody can’t
like Derek [Jeter]. I’d rather have him on my team than

If VORP and win shares and advanced metrics of that sort didn’t convince you that Morneau’s selection was a gross miscarriage of justice, then, perhaps, the wise words of a true genius will.

Switching gears, let’s see what the hot stove has for us on this lazy Sunday:

  • Sports Illustrated is reporting that the Sox are on the verge of signing JD Drew to what promises to be a costly contract. Any guesses on the length and cost? Also, do you have a sense, like me, that the Sox will be on the verge of signing Drew this whole off-season. It’ll be April and we’ll still be hearing about them hammering out a deal. Incidentally, on a related note: Rumors are flying that Manny will be traded this off-season if the Sox find the right deal.
  • The Yanks are boring the sh*t out of me. The word on the street is that Cashman is interested in filling out his rotation with mid-level pitchers such as poet/philosopher Miguel Batista, inscrutable Ted Lilly or Uruk-ian King Gil Meche. The club has been noticeably quiet about adding Jason Schmidt or Barry Zito who are sure to make tons of money in this crazy free-agent market. Most writers think this means they have little interest in the pair, but I don’t buy it. Cashman is playing coy. One of those two is going to be in pinstripes next year. I can’t wait to see Schmidt in a Bombers uni striking out Manny in front of all those Anaheim fans!
  • The Yanks are talking to Greg Zaun about backing up Jorge Posada. I like.
  • It is also becoming more likely that Shea Hillenbrand will be a Yankee next season. With the wonderful Aurilia off the market, what many Yanks fans have long been bracing for is about to happen. Oh well.

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  • It’s understandable that Ozzie is Dylan’s favorite manager whereas Jeter is his favorite player. Their public persona are diametrically opposed, but their passion for the game on the field is identical.
    Drew? Four years, forty-nine million? I hope it’s more expensive than that, and I hope he plays up to my expectations (120 games, good power and OBP, better at being discontent). Secret snark: I’d love to hear the fans by Pesky’s Pole chanting Not So Hot As (To?) Trot!
    Yeah, Nick, New York is really playing close to their chest this off-season. Maybe there really isn’t a big deal in the works this year. Perhaps Cash really thinks New York has what they need already in the current rotation and in up-comers Hughes and a resurgent TJ Beam, and just need to round out the pen with a few middling relievers. Can’t say I’m convinced.
    Gregg Zaun would be an acceptable fill-in, but what are NY’s plans for a few years out? Omir Santos? I think there is a young switch hitter named Jose Gil that looked promising, but I don’t really know anything about him. I wonder if two years from now I’ll be ticked about the fact that NY gave up Dioner Navarro as part of the Johnson trade. And then there is that Jesus Montero pipe dream. If/when Posada goes down to injury or just declines due to the years taking their toll, I think I am going to be disappointed in myself for not appreciating how truly good he has been for NY.
    Hillenbrand a Yankee. Oof. Time to put on my optimistic rally cap.
    OT: Has anyone listened to Dylan’s new album? I heard it’s pretty good.

    attackgerbil November 26, 2006, 3:30 pm
  • This certainly seems like an unusual winter for the Yanks. Have they ever stood by while the Sox made a big move and not responded. If the Sox sign Drew and Matsuzaka, they will have acquired the top pitcher and one of the top five hitters on the market, while the Yanks will have re-signed Mussina and signed Shea Hillenbrand?? With Johnson and Pavano iffy at best for Opening Day, Cashman has to have something up his sleepve. He’s too smart.
    Maybe he can spend an exorbitant amount of money so Jason Schmidt can get beat around the AL East until he’s 38. Sounds good to me! The guy’s 33, has exactly two seasons in which his ERA has been below 4.50 and never pitched in the American League. Why is he so elite again?

    Paul SF November 26, 2006, 3:51 pm
  • Whoops, that should be 3.50 :-P

    Paul SF November 26, 2006, 3:52 pm
  • I was about to say!
    Yeah, it’s hard to get too excited about Schmidt considering the recent decline in his game. At his peak, he was certainly one of the best. High K rate, a penchant for going the distance, just a great pitcher. As he was last year, he was great in May, maybe the best pitcher in baseball for that month, and mediocre to decent the rest of the way. I don’t know what to think about Zito or Schmidt. I can see their appeals, especially for a team with the Yanks rotation questions, but they’re going to cost a lot and it seems it would be money better saved for next year’s market (i.e. Zambrano).

    Nick-YF November 26, 2006, 3:56 pm
  • As I recall, last year’s offseason was slow too till the Damon signing, which was right before Xmas if I remember correctly.
    At this point in time, I would guess the Yanks are waiting to see who gets the Igawa rights, and then, will probably do something for a starter one way or another.
    The Yankees don’t have to react to Boston’s wild moves. After all, it was the Sox who finished 11 games behind the Yankees last year.
    And really, they’re pretty set other than a starter and a righty hitting 1st baseman, maybe a lefty for the pen and a utility infielder. Plenty of time for that. The Sox have a lot more decisions to make than the Yanks do.

    whatever November 26, 2006, 5:47 pm
  • WE: I agree that NY probably was in better shape than Boston with their retained staff after FA losses after last season, but whether or not any of Boston’s moves are really “wild?” I don’t know. Boston has room to move, and it’s interesting to see their maneuvers. I think Boston has staked a lot of Question Marks. Cash has plenty of time to make a move, bonehead or otherwise.

    attackgerbil November 26, 2006, 5:54 pm
  • AG,
    If that 51.1 mil. bid for DMat wasn’t wild, I don’t know what it was.
    As for Drew, Paul SF has made some good points in the wisdom of paying him that much $$ with his history.
    On the other hand, this whole offseason has been wild so far with the over the top dollars being thrown at players by teams desperate to do something to improve themselves.

    whatever November 26, 2006, 6:26 pm
  • It’s all relative regarding dollars spent. If that’s what’s available, and that’s the coin in your pocket, put it on the counter. Supply side economics.

    attackgerbil November 26, 2006, 7:33 pm
  • Attack Gerbil,
    I never comment on this site but I have noticed a trend in the six months I have been reading posts here. For a Yankee fan you are awfully damn accomadating to lot of the Sox Fans who post here.
    “Drew? Four years, forty-nine million? I hope it’s more expensive than that, and I hope he plays up to my expectations (120 games, good power and OBP, better at being discontent).”
    Why the hell you’d hope Drew hits for power and good OBP and plays for a 120 games is beyond me. I hope the brittle underachiever goes on the DL for half the season again and leaves the Sox up the river w/out a paddle. I am not questioning your passion as a Yankfan, but whereas guys like Paul SF, Brad, and SF himself always seem to be hurling their passive agressive smug remarks, you cease to never really respond. It’s guys like lp, dc, and YF who usually at least respond to the backhanded comments. You can tell me to go to hell and say I don’t know my head from my ass, but your Drew comment got me sparked enough to comment here. Get on some of these Soxfans asses for a change when they start flame throwing.

    the observer November 26, 2006, 8:47 pm
  • TO:
    You miss Gerb’s point, which is that he hopes Drew only plays for 120 games and is more accomplished at being a malcontent.
    But more importantly, Gerb has nothing to do to prove his YF bona fides. He’s a true fan, someone who clearly loves baseball for the beauty, intricacy, and poetry of the game. If you ever have time, read his past game threads you’ll see he’s perhaps the most joyful of any of us who post here. That you find this unsatisfying or insufficent is sad. Gerb shouldn’t even have to respond to a comment like yours.

    SF November 26, 2006, 9:14 pm
  • WE: the bid for Matsuzaka does seem wild at a glance, but the more I look at it, it appears to be brilliance. Thinking about it, they bid an amazing amount of money, but it’s off the salary books and the Sox don’t have to follow through on if it doesn’t suit them. Should the deal fall down, the LOSERS are 1) the Seibu Lions, who are in dire financial straits, 2) Boras, who will look like a MORON for not being able to close the deal and will jeopardize his future dealings with players in Japan, 3) Matsuzaka, who will earn chump change next year and can’t possibly increase his stock from where it is at currently if he doesn’t sign with Boston, and 4) every team that needs a starting pitcher who can’t talk to him for at least another year (already a done deal).
    Worst case for Boston/Best case for New York? The Sox sign him and he doesn’t pass muster, but based on what you have seen from the guy, do you really think that’s going to be what happens? DMat has the stuff. It was a smart play by Boston.
    SF: thanks for the supportive words. TO just threw me a meatball. I’ll swing at it.
    Observer, what I say may be interpreted as accommodating and I won’t complain that someone calls it so. I follow the Red Sox intently (I know them almost as well as I do NY) because the whole thing to me is about that struggle between rivals through the 162 games to reach the post-season. I’m not going to tell you to go to hell.
    The fact is that there is so much to enjoy about the game that is above and beyond my petty loyalties to my favorite team for which I root. Any fan should understand this. Baseball has been part of my life since I can remember. Rooting for a Sure Thing, as is what seems so many Yankee fans want, is frankly, BORING. Anyone who feels differently should go play video game baseball.
    I’m not going to wish that any player suffers a horrible injury that crushes his year/career, but with Drew, I think Boston is making a mistake: they will have a very good player when healthy, but not healthy often enough, and easily pissed at his situation. See Sheffield for a somewhat similar comparison. That’s more venom than I should spit, but it’s out there now.
    The point is that I do not wish for individual failure by injury or other external influence; I want the Yankee pitching and battery to achieve success by their own accord. Where’s the sport in beating another team’s second effort? I want the Sox to put their best game on the field, and I want the Yanks to beat it by putting up their best game. If Boston should prevail, or if some other team rises up, propers. Otherwise, why would I even bother? I’m in this game for the long haul.
    Let’s play ball.

    attackgerbil November 26, 2006, 10:33 pm
  • TO (how auspicious that your chosen handle would give those initials)
    To reiterate what SF said, AG is someone whose opinions I always look for here, and who almost always seems to find the positives and keep himself above the bickering. I think almost all YFs and SFs here would agree that AG is a class act (moreso than Jeter, perhaps, and with better range to boot). If you can find something to truly deride him about, you’ve probably made it up completely. Nick and YF do a good job (along with dc, Lar, whatever, etc.) in doing their best to keep us SFs honest.

    Quo November 26, 2006, 11:23 pm
  • You guys are too kind. To be honest, in the last election, I found it impossible to move to the right, though I had no problem moving to the left.

    attackgerbil November 26, 2006, 11:35 pm
  • Nothing like mixing politics/religion with baseball to swat at a hornet’s nest.

    attackgerbil November 26, 2006, 11:40 pm
  • Spidey –
    I tried to email you but it wouldn’t work. Sorry to go off topic for the rest of you guys, but Jay Cutler gets the start for the rest of the year.

    Brad November 27, 2006, 12:08 am
  • …me and the sf’s don’t often agree on much, but in this case, i too have a fondness for ag’s even-handed, thoughtful, objective [while still an unabashed yankee fan], approach with his posting…there’s a place for that style…he keeps us all honest…
    …oh by the way, i’ll say it again…the yanks may ignore the free agent market for the most part…look for a major trade in an attempt to trump the sox…just my theory on why they’re being so quiet…

    dc November 27, 2006, 12:20 am
  • TO,
    You’re a Jackass. You don’t know AG, you don’t know his motives, so shut up. The guy runs a Yank’s gamethread like an Oregonian Red Barber. As for certain SF’s around here, some are snarky, smug, and bitter, but hey that’s SF’s. Why you would single out AG is beyond me. So continue your reading of this fine site, just don’t comment.
    PS- Quo, your Jetes comment was hilarious.(ie the smug sense of humor of a lot of SF’s) Speaking of SS, who is going to man the gap for the Sox this year?

    bloodyank78 November 27, 2006, 12:24 am
  • BY, it’s as likely to be my high school French teacher as anyone else at this point. I’m sure we’ll be fed the same kind of BS (barring a quick Lugo signing) we were last year that the FO was “comfortable” going into the season with Stern in CF and Cora at SS. Absolute crap, even if Cora’s a SS that can actually PLAY the gap…

    Quo November 27, 2006, 12:52 am
  • Sign Drew, then Miggy for Manny straight up?
    Tejeda in a Sox uni… as a Yankee fan that would suck. The dude slugs like .600 against the Bombers.

    bloodyank78 November 27, 2006, 12:59 am

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