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Bob Murphy, In Memoriam

As much as I dread tuning into 880AM and having to hear their self-important announcers, I always relished finding WFAN on the dial, whether in the car driving back to the city or on remote Saturday nights at my parents’ house near New Bedford, locating Bob Murphy’s idiosyncratic and instantly recognizable voice. He was a great. Rest in peace.

A brief obituary here.

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Sorry to continue to change the subject in the comments area but I have no other outlet.
In basketball, Italy crushed USA in an exhibition. Don’t know much about global b-ball, but seems that’s akin to Venezuela beating USA (or Japan, Dom. Rep., etc.) in baseball. Are we even in the top 5 in global basketball anymore? Basketball was the last major sport the USA dominated (American football doesn’t count since it’s not global). Gone are the days of beating China 120 to 17.

Doesn’t help that most of the pampered NBA players had “prior commitments” i.e. scared of terror attacks. At least Tim Duncan was man enough to show up. But at least the games will be intriguing, they haven’t been fun since the original Dream Team, and at least the guys who are there now are guys who actually want to be there.

This ain’t Knicksfan vs. Celtsfan. Let’s keep it to baseball.
And getting back to the subject at hand, we can only hope Mr. Murphy is chatting amicably with Stengel about that first kooky season way up in that big ballpark in the sky. (Philosphical question: Will the Shea in heaven be any less of a dump than the Shea in Queens?)
Condolences to the Murphys and the wider Met family.

My intent was to use the Italy/USA b-ball game as a springboard for a discussion of global baseball, not to talk about if Tim Duncan has enough street cred.

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