Bobby: “I Hate The Yankees”


“I don’t want to waste valuable time talking about the Yankees.” Bobby V then went on a bit longer not talking about them by saying how he talked to Joe Girardi and used to love the Yankees before discovering his hatred for them, then moved onto other topics not Yankee-related.

This is gonna be fun.

Also, Ortiz accepted arbitration.

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As if we didn’t already know this. I guess getting your ass handed to you in the WS and interleague play will do that to him. Here’s to hoping the trend continues with his new team!!! :)

He also made a comment about speaking to Beckett but not being allowed to disclose what was discussed only that “After he got through telling me how pissed off he was, we had a really good conversation.” Then he went on to say “I told (Beckett), I’ll be in Texas,” Valentine said earlier this week, “so if you want me to just scoot down and say hello and allow him to put his cowboy boot on my butt and start fresh, I’m ready any time.”
So maybe it’s just me being a cynical Yankees fan but doesn’t it sound like Beckett isn’t happy about Valentine coming aboard? Is there a history between the two that I am not remembering?

Awesome image. I was at PAX East this year and they had dozens of old video games rigged to play for free. Dragon’s Lair is still just as difficult as it was in the past.
Pujols is a total shocker. Talk about ruining the afterglow.

John, the article I read clarified the Beckett comments as him being pissed about what Valentine said about him last year. Which I’m assuming is in reference about Valentine’s comments about his slow pitching pace last year.
Only other concern is with him not being able to get in touch with Crawford, remember Valentine made comments about his batting stance being too wide open last year.

Thanks Bill.
Not to be that guy, but Bobby V attended one of our HS games last year. Spoke with our players, took pictures, etc…seemed like a nice guy. I don’t recall him mentioning his hatred for the Yankees back then. ;)

Valentine is saying that Bard will be worked as a starter in Spring Training and they will see how it works out. So right now the rotation projects to be Beckett, Lester, Buchholtz, Bard, and Aceves. Not sure who the closer will be, in Cafardo’s Sunday Baseball Notes he reports that sources say the team won’t even be able to pick up a cheap right fielder and if they want a closer they may have to trade for one.
It looks like they are determined not to exceed the $178M luxury tax threshold for 2012. Maybe that was decided a while back and was one of the reasons that Theo decided it was time for him to go.

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