Both teams are sliding, and

Both teams are sliding, and I’m not sure which is in a more dire position. The Yankee bullpen (another loss last night) seems to be an insolubale problem, and now Wells looks like he needs some time off. That Boone for Claussen deal is looking increasingly bad, what with the Yankees need for (at least) a fill-in starter and Boone 4-39 with no walks. Basically, I wonder whether the Sox slide is simply one of the ups-and-downs of the season, whereas the Yankee crash is the result of a serious internal flaw. But I guess you could argue the same for Boston. Watching Nick Johnson play in Kansas City brings to mind one obvious comparison: George Brett. I see a batting title in Johnson’s future.

Posted by YF on 8/12/2003 11:38:34 AM

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