Brain Death via Sports Radio

The drive back from a Memorial Day at the parents’ house yielded a marathon listening to WFAN and ESPN Radio (I can’t get WHDH in Boston during the drive or I would’ve listened to that – at least I would have been able to tune into like-minded simpletons).  Mrs. SF wasn’t pleased.  In any case, the material across the two stations was pretty consistent, as well as highly entertaining.  Most Yankees fans seem to think the following:

  • Mike Mussina has no b*lls
  • Joe Torre lost yesterday’s game by playing Russ Johnson
  • Roger Clemens should be a high priority
  • The Yankees have major pitching problems
  • Kaz Matsui sucks (off-topic, but something we can all agree on)
  • The Red Sox intimidate the Yankees more than any other team right now
  • The next time the Yankees and Sox meet, the Yankees should do everything physically harmful to David Ortiz that is possible, short of running over his ankle with a lawn mower during the pre-game warmups
  • The Yankees aren’t clutch
  • Carl Pavano can’t deal with the AL
  • The Yankees are in big trouble
  • The Yankees, despite all the above, will win 10 of the 12 games on the upcoming road trip (at this point, cognitive dissonance reached a high, and the radio got shut off)

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