Break The Chain: Sox-Marlins Gamer II

Clay Buchholz pitches for Boston as they face the Marlins.  Youkilis gets the go at first.  I was honestly hoping to see Ortiz out there again, but here's hoping no borderline third strike calls against the GGOW send him ballistic.  I have to wonder if the umps will tell him to pack early if he blows his stack today.  Mark Buehrle is on the mound for Florida.  Comment away.

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  • Buchholz the recent highlight as far as the Sox are concerned…yesterday I bailed when the Sox got 2 on to start the first inning and didn’t score followed by Reyes hitting a leadoff triple…I’m glad a wedding made me miss the entire Nationals series…it’s a “dc” kind of sentence…

    Devine June 12, 2012, 11:51 pm

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