Breaking: (For Real) Yanks Take Cole; Sox Take Kelly

With the 28th pick of round 1, the Yanks took California high schooler Gerrit Cole. The last California high schooler selected by the Yanks in the first round was Phil Hughes. Keith Law is happy:

This is a great pick; he fell to the Yankees for financial reasons. Cole has the best arm among the prep pitchers in the draft. He has a loose, quick arm. He has the best fastball of the high school pitchers; it tops out 97 mph. He needs more consistency on the breaking ball. And he needs to just throw his changeup instead of guiding it. He’s a high-ceiling arm that could be a No. 1 starter. If that doesn’t work, he could be a dominant reliever.

With the 30th pick of round 1, the Sox took Casey Kelly, son of former Yankee Pat Kelly (one of this fan’s least favorite Bombers of all time, and that’s saying something). The Law:

Kelly was announced as a shortstop, but he is a first-rounder as either a position player or a pitcher. On the mound, he throws 89-91 mph; he has command of his fastball and is very aggressive with it. He also has a plus curveball. At shortstop, he has good instincts and is natural and athletic. It’s a big upside pick for the Red Sox, and he was the best player on the board at that point.

Sox fans better hope he has better he has better plate discipline than dad.

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  • All the experts I’ve read (Law and Goldstein) like both picks. I guess Steve Goldman is not a big fan of the Yanks pick, but he doesn’t do prospects.

    Nick-YF June 5, 2008, 5:12 pm
  • Where Cole will be a tough signing because of Boras, the Sox have to offer enough to prevent Kelly from following in the footsteps of Peyton Manning. The former at least wants to pitch (and perhaps at UCLA). Kelly signed to be the starting QB at TN. The Yanks were rumored to be interested in him. But I wonder if thy thought they had a better shot at signing Cole.

    A YF June 5, 2008, 5:22 pm
  • Law has Cole ranked No. 10 and Kelley ranked No. 17 on his Top 75 chart, so in that respect, both teams did very well, likely because of those signability concerns.

    Paul SF June 5, 2008, 5:45 pm
  • Rich Lederer of Baseball Analysts on Cole:
    “Cole may have the best teenage arm in this draft. He throws a four seamer that peaks at 97-98 and a heavy two seamer that runs in the low-90s. Baseball America has ranked his fastball at the top of the high school class. There are two questions that have dogged Cole this spring: (1) his makeup and (2) his signability, as he is represented by the Scott Boras Corporation and has committed to UCLA. Slot money probably won’t do the trick here.”
    Marc Hulet of Baseball Analysts on Kelly:
    “Kelly is an intriguing two-way player who prefers to play the field. A lot of scouts like Kelly, the son of former big leaguer Pat Kelly, because he has a low-to-mid 90s fastball and one of the best hammer curves in the draft. Offensively, he is athletic but raw and is a project. Currently, he is a shortstop but some feel he will outgrow the position and have to move to third. Kelly is committed to the University of Tennessee as both a shortstop and quarterback.”
    The Yankees select with their supplemental pick (40th overall): Jeremy Bleich, LHP from Stanford but otherwise no info available.
    The Sox select with their supplemental pick (41st overall): Bryan Price, RHP from Rice.
    Sez Hulet and Lederer:
    “Price had made some strides this season and could be one of the first college relievers taken on draft day. He has a nice sinking fastball that ranges from 89-94 mph. His slider can zip up to 87 mph but his change-up is below average, as is his command. Some teams may see enough in his three pitches to try him as a starter in pro ball. (Posted by Marc Hulet)
    Price was dialing his fastball up to 94-95 when I witnessed him in Long Beach a few months back. His slider is also a potential out pitch. I believe the big righthander projects as a two-pitch set-up man in the pros although, like Marc, would not be surprised if a team gives him a shot as a starter first.”

    Paul SF June 5, 2008, 5:55 pm
  • And by 40th and 41st, I of course meant 44th and 45th. :-P

    Paul SF June 5, 2008, 5:56 pm

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